Funny Staff Moments!

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  1. Ah! I remember the last one well! All the while this was happening I was just oblivious as to what was going on until the very last moment XD
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  2. What a jump! :eek:
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  3. So... my head (and Dice's... but mine was the focus) decided to be derpy when I changed skins to get the green head....

    Excuse the random comm chat stuffs....

    (the imgur:
    (extra imgur:

    I gave jaq my heads. I have 50 blues. Lol.

    *imgurs cause I'm lazy and clipboard on the Len is a pain. Sorry.*
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  4. Yes, JD, Jossy's lag is now ressy. *slow clap*
  5. He was taking too long to get off for the night.. xD
  6. I got another snip but I lost the last bit, *whines*, or I'd post it... it was also JD... I missed this thread...
  7. Staff need to step up their game and do it intentionally sometimes. No one is gonna tell the difference y'know. Kinda like what OP and I do
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  8. Aw come on. xD
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  9. A little harsh? Yes. But did I mean it? 100%
  10. When in game commands refuse to cooperate with you....

  11. I don’t have any pictures of it but one time I saw a mod break a glass block beneath someone’s feet, causing them to fall and hurt themselves. It was quite an evil prank to and I considered reporting them for pvp-ing el-oh-el.
  12. Just for the record--if that did occur, almost certainly unintentional or the Mod didn't realize that damage was on, wherever it was. We definitely don't hurt players deliberately; as you said, that would be PVP.
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  13. Having a nice chat with fBuilder, when suddenly this happens...

    Which is followed by an important message: I really need to vote.

    Don't worry, I voted 2 hours after this. Like I do every day. :rolleyes:

    What is happening? Well, this is happening...

    Congratulations, fBuilderS! :D I hope the "real stupid" thing you're sure you've done won't be found out about by the rest of the staff team... ;)

  14. *wonders if he was trying to break the record for fastest funny moment turnaround post promotion.*
  15. This was yesterday evening. :p And it wasn't related to the promotion at all, we were having a genuine conversation (about a redstone system that didn't work) and I didn't even know anything about the promotion - it came as a complete surprise to me. :)
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  16. Cool post, Tom. :D
    And congrats, fBuilderS!
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  17. I was dying of laughter at that wedding