[Forum Game] Would you Rather?

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  1. Hi Empire! A popular game that is going around currently is called "Would you Rather." If you don't know how to play would you rather, basically, get asked "Would you Rather" Option one, or Option two. Example: Would you rather Get your computer taken away for a month or Get your phone taken away for a month. You must answer the question truthfully, and there is no right or wrong.

    How the Forum Game will work:

    Line one: You must reply to the previous person's question, and choose one of the two options.

    Line two: Leave a question for the next person! It can be any question, just make sure it is appropriate and follows the EMC chat guidelines.

    Have fun!

    Please try not to post anything un-related to the game. However, if you believe that someone's post is incorrect, do help them try and fix it. Once the problem is solved, please delete all the posts that were included in the argument/help. Thanks!

    The starting question is,
    REMINDER: Be sure to leave a question for the next person. Thanks!
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  2. Definitely the worlds fastest roller coaster! The worlds fastest water slide would be scary... And roller coasters are fun!

    Would you rather: recieve 10,000,000 rupees in game or £100 in real life?
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  3. My phone because my dad cant take that away its for sicurity HA
  4. 10 mil rupees for sure my dad makes 150 and hour :p
  5. I'll take Euros, Pounds, Dollars or whatever you got before rupees any day!
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  6. Nothing to respond too.
    Would you rather be able to have all the superpowers in the world, or be able to eat what you want and never have to work out?
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  7. I would have super powers in the world, one of which is to eat whatever u want and never have to work out. :D

    Would u rather climb mt everest with no air mask and earn 1 million dollars, or climb no mountain but pay 1 million dollars.
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  8. Climb no mountain. :p
    Would you rather go live in the Sahara with drinkable water, or live in Antartica with no drinkable water?
  9. Climb no mountain, they can't force money if me if its not there =P
    Would you rather drink a litre of mud or run 10 miles
    EDIT: Sahara btw
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  10. Run 10 miles, easy.

    Would you rather lick the wheel of a truck, or the sole of someone's shoe?
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  11. Trucks wheel, I like the taste of rubber :)
    Would u rather own EMC or have 5million ruppees?
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  12. 5 million rupees.I'd break EMC so fast.

    Would you rather be unable to bend your arms or your legs?
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  13. Legs
    Would you rather kiss BurgerKnight or Aikar?
  14. Burger, that will give me the chance to take a unexpected bite out of him
    Would u rather get a DC of pots of gold or 5 DC of gold blocks
  15. DC of pots of gold, easy!
    Would you rather never play minecraft again, or have to play it 24hrs a day with no breaks?
  16. Oh dear. Never play Minecraft again I guess.
    I gotta sleep and play other games too!

    Would you rather have superstrength or flying ability?
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  17. Flying seems fine to me
    Would you rather have terrible tasting food in your fridge that smells amazing or great tasting food that smells awful?
  18. I recommend to add a bit of reasoning to your post instead of just stating either of the options. It makes it a bit more interesting.
  19. Thats a tough one. Being a chef I know hat smell is a big part of cooking things, and it is hard to not have something that smells good, taste good. but I would have to go with having something that doesn't smell good, but tastes good.
    If it didn't taste good it would ruin that food for me forever, smell I can live with haha.

    Would you rather Listen to yodeling for 10 hours straight or Justin Bieber for 10 hours straight xD
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  20. Yoodal yoodal Yoo-hoo

    Would u rather get a Mac or a PC?