[Forum Game] Would you Rather?

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  1. Gassy Ghosts? lel

    Have a potato farm
    Have a carrot farm
  2. Have a carrot farm.

    Would you rather be a dragon when friends are wounded, or a snake? (heh)
  3. I think I'd rather be a dragon so I can fly my wounded friends to the safety of my lair before I eat them cause I'm a dragon and dragons get hungry after flying. #NoMercy #EatASnickers

    would you rather eat cereal with or without marshmallows for breakfast
  4. Without, cause marshemellows are gross

    Would you rather, keep playing minecraft but leave emc, or stay with the emc community but stop playing minecraft?
  5. Stay with EMC but drop Minecraft

    Would you rather play fortnite or play overwatch?
  6. I've played fortnite and die every time I parachute down. Never played overwatch so I'd give that a try.

    would you rather camp out in a haunted graveyard on an abandoned island for 1 week and be given a 100 million dollars or would you rather work 9-5 for 20 years to earn the same amount?
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  7. I would rather sleep in the haunted graveyard on the abandoned island.

    Sure, I might lose my mind and go crazy of the fear, BUT, it's still 100 million dollars, something those ghosts who haunt me won't get!

    Would you rather move to the South Pole or the north pole?
  8. Hmm, if I were given the choice, I would choose to move to the South Pole. I heard that some of the penguins can be a bit friendly, similar to his one here. :)

    For the next person, if you had to choose something to give up for a full year, would it be chocolate or social media?
  9. You wouldn't be changing anything in my life, so social media i suppose.

    Would you rather go bungy jumping out of a helicopter or swim in a room with sharks
  10. Bungie out the helicopter

    would you rather have to eat a million cookies to win a million dollars (eating the cookies can take as long as you need) or a dollar for every cookie you ate?
  11. A dollar for every cookie, because I would still get a million dollars by eating a million cookies either way, I could just get my money more faster.

    Would you rather live in a house full of snakes or spiders for the rest of your life?
  12. Neither (spiders)

    Would you rather be Faded or Otus?
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