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  1. I said it was still better than any AK model, that includes the AK-74...

    You also don't need to be in tons of mud when you dominate the skies :) This also isn't trench warfare anymore, a gun that trades everything just to be good in mud doesn't make sense when you can drop terror from the skies far away.
  2. HMKX and UNAFR air forces are evenly matched.
    And also, HMKX has the AK-74 because it needs to arm large numbers of soldiers with ease. The AK-74 is cheap, reliable and effective.
    An SA80 is expensive, relatively unreliable but a lot more effective.
    Guess what works in a long-term, bloody war, the type of war HMKX finds quite ideal. (HMKX would never go to war with UNAFR long-term. Hence the European Commonwealth Rifle)
    HMKX has widespread use of MANPADS and Artillery for a good reason. Airstrikes can't solve everything: they are more expensive than artillery barrages for good reason. Artillery barrages also can't solve everything, but HMKX just continually applies it and soldiers until problem is solved, with Airstrikes too.
  3. UFOS has now outlawed ANY styrofoam products that are not recyclable like cups and plates all will be replaced with a more enviro friendly type of material
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  4. With the NPATAR soon to be at its driving force in 2002, the HMKX will be forced to start expanding their military, because the UNAFR and NPATAR combined could fairly match the HMKX, maybe not be outright better, but still an insanely dangerous force to fight against.

    The only thing is the European Commonwealth. The NPATAR/UNAFR cannot defend them due to agreements with the HMKX Empire, meaning that they are easy pickings. The only time the UNAFR will shatter the deal is when it gets insanely bloody, and I mean insanely bloody.

    The NPATAR's main slogan is: Train them like hell, send them into hell and make sure they fight like hell. But hey, since we're pretty rich anyway we'll bomb them like hell with artillery, it'll save a couple of scratches.

    The HMKX Empire is not the only combine that is allowed to use widespread use of artillery.
    The UNAFR has always been in second place but failed to follow because it got too costly. NPATAR could change that.
  5. HMKX is never short on four things.
    1. Men.
    2. Explosives and Artillery.
    3. Steel
    4. Oil
    They are short on Food, but UFOS helps fix that.
  6. The UNAFR is only short on:
    1. Men
    2. ...
    3. Enough money to fund the military and still keep the country stable maybe?

    Canada, Washington, Wisconsin and Michigan all heavily supply the UNAFR with food, more than enough, which is why a lot of it is being exported, making big buck. The UNAFR will never be short on food. Ever.
  7. UFOS is sending HMKX MASSIVE amounts of food so they can have a small stockpile as UFOS will be stopping food exportation for a period of 2 months so we can start a new farming system to get more food out of farms
  8. The UNAFR is supplying missions to developing countries who are in dire need of food. World hunger is a big thing, something which no one else in our world is really cutting down on. Non-NPAT African countries experience world-shattering food deprivation throughout their land. There simply is not enough food for them, either because of drought, war, or very poor water. UNAFR influenced countries such as Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon, Algeria and Kenya all have experienced a large percent in hunger drop, making them the few least hungry countries. UNAFR organizations fly into those countries and an abundance of other African and Asian nations with funds from the government and donations, and they drill wells, help build houses, schools and other facilities, but most importantly help teach hungry communities how to properly farm and use irrigation and agriculture to their advantage. It also helps that the UNAFR is an agriculture giant. These places in the meantime are fed with food imported from the UNAFR, mainly rice and beans, enough to suffice until a stable line of food is introduced. This has helped increasingly, with the UNAFR themselves lowering total world hunger percentages by 2%. A massive number for the size of the earth.

    The UNAFR has also used their own military might for good, using the Boeing C-17 Globemaster III as a source of food transportation during one mission in Africa. They just couldn't help themselves when they saw the smile on everyone's faces when they saw a military object being used for good, and not for war, something many people still suffering from the damages of Boko and Omni Laham had faced.

    Even the UNAFR itself is helping its own people, as new statistics show only 1 in 12 households face hunger, a huge leap in recent years, showing the poverty level is being smashed to bits.
  9. UNAFR nuclear reactors are all being upgraded with recent computing technology. These systems are way more reliable, safe and advanced. It will take 2 years for the process to finish since the number of nuclear reactors in the UNAFR is massive.

    The UNAFR has put the Heritage Protection Law in place, preserving all historical sites throughout the country, preventing vandalism and damage. Anyone seen as a direct cause to any historical site or artifact will be heavily fined, and if the damage is extensive will see possible jail time for vandalism. Accidents will occur, and so if the ruling comes out right, accidental damage will only experience smaller fines, but still a fine no less.

    The Super Search Engine devised by the HMKX and UNAFR is a success. It is processing millions of data and is used by people throughout the world. Software engineering and website developing are expected to enter the job market at huge ranges in a very short time.

    New satellites are being put into space, this time at a faster rate and with much newer and advanced systems. (Just assume the International Space Station exists, otherwise we couldn't be this far in the game honestly)
  10. HMKX has distributed medical supplies to poverty-striken Africans. Particularly, Vaccinse as well as a Cholera treatment solution. The Vaccine to Polio has a failure rate of 1 in a million (failure: you get Polio.); HMKX has deemed this an acceptable cost until a better vaccine may be found. HMKX has made it their goal to eradicate Polio completely by 2002 in African nations. HMKX has already long since done it.
    The Cholera treatment is easy to make and therefore is mass produced.
  11. The first company in the FRNS has been fined under new carbon emission limit rules. 25% of all revenue made in the last twelve months has to be given to the North Sea government, and the company has been placed under probation and inspection to determine how they can reduce further. If, in twelve months, they have not taken the advice and exceeded their limit again, the fine doubles to 50%. If in two years they continue, it will triple to 75%. We hope we don't get to year three.
  12. HMKX has begun development on the thirteenth Supercarrier, a reimagining of the Sejong the Great. HMKX wants this to be the centerpiece of its fleet, a reimagining as well as a tribute to the entire 13-ship class. In order to accomplish this, HMKX has made minor asethtic changes (Because HMKX does not and will not sacrifice performance for tribute) to the ship to resemble all ships of the class mashed into a single ship.
    However, HMKX has proposed a joint program with UNAFR, UFOS and UWE to send aid to Africa and the -Stan countries. HMKX will handle the -Stans, as it is their turf. Africa cna be handled by a joint UNAFR-HMKX effort. UFOS can help out here and there.
  13. Agreed, UFOS should send food.

    Countries impacted by UNAFR hunger aid programs: Nigeria, Equilateral Guinea, Cameroon, Chad, Niger, Gabon, Congo, Togo, Benin, Ghana, Cote D'Ivore, Algeria, Mali, Liberia, Central African Empire, Kenya.
    These are mostly done by UNAFR centred organizations, funded by the government. The military works on delivering mass amounts of food, while the organizations work on building sustainability, while at home people donate and pitch in the food itself.
  14. Woah woah woah what if UFOS doesnt want to send food?
  15. "Should".
    Not mandatory, but HMKX and UNAFR are owning up to its responsibilities as world powers.
    The HMKX Government is helping the African Union distribute medical aid. UNAFR has food covered, HMKX is distributing massive numbers of vaccines and medical aid.
    HMKX is expanding its air force slightly; while they have strategic bombers, they do not have a type of ground support aircraft.
    HMKX has developed the Su-25 (much like the IRL 25 but advanced to account for advancement of tech.)
    The Su-25 is a reliable, mass produceable (cheap), multifuel, rugged and relatively agile piece of tech that is less powerful and carries half the armament of the A-10, and has less protection as well as less range (although better than the IRL Sukhoi). Unlike the A-10, designed around its gun, the Su-25 is designed around laser-guided bombs, rockets and the such. This allows it to fire rockets and bombs more cheaply than the A-10 and with much greater effectiveness. It is also able to take off improvised runways. It is designed to take off under fire, attack under fire, and land under fire. It may have less armor. However, it is far more agile and a lot harder to hit and fulfills the same role; this is because the flying apocalypse (B-52 but supersized) is overkill 99% of the time. Even so, it is no wimp; it can still withstand most UNAFR MANPADS, just like the A-10 can withstand most HMKX MANPADS. It can drop bombs on enemy infantary and vehicles, and is a far superior dogfighter to the A-10. The Su-25 is stronger, pound for pound and can even operate from a Carrier (A-10 can't). The A-10 may be a stronger jet overall, however.
    The brrrrtttttt is no longer so fearsome, yes?
    HMKX still does want cooperation, though. HMKX has offered UNAFR a previously HMKX-only animal:
    PANDAS. A male. HMKX has also offered UFOS a pair of Female and Female Pandas. The aim is to obviously improve relations but keep Pandas HMKX-exclusive long-term.
  16. Unity (different depending on which language you are reading in; Tongil, Ev Negdel, Yedinstvo are all valid)-Subclass Aircraft Carrier:
    127,133 tons displacement full load
    A mash-up of all its predecessors, its appearance outside is a mix of all 12 previous Supercarriers. Symbolizing Unity, this Supercarrier is a counterpart to the first Supercarrier HMKX built; both are a centerpiece of their time. It is designed to be powerful and actually economical; because unlike Sejong the Great, it actually works! Only 1 will be built, both to fulfill the 13-motif and because the initial construction costs are very high despite operating and maintenance costs being relatively low. It is a truly powerful warship, modern tech and everything. The E-5 works well with the Carrier.
    HMKX has decided to expand and augment their Air Force. Sejong the Great, Vakulenchuck, Volvograd and Kublai Khan are undergoing RCOH, 2 at a time. 6 months each. This is to improve their performance.
    Science has had its fun, but its fruits are being used to help the -Stan countries.
  17. Then you don't want to help eradicate world hunger

    The UNAFR is intrigued with this strange offer, yet respectfully accepts. The UNAFR cares to protect endangered animal species, and they hope the HMKX does too.

    It will stay in the Toronto Zoo.
  18. The International Music festival hosted by HMKX and the UNAFR was a huge success. It saw widespread media coverage and created breath-taking articles online. It stands as one of the greatest music festivals in history, as great as Woodstock 69'. Many bands and artists participated, big names like Metallica, KISS, Michael Jackson, Prince and even Eminem.

    This festival united peoples from both sides of the East and West, HMKX and UNAFR. People put down their indifferences and past hatred and made music and art together. The main events happened in Shanghai, Toronto, Moscow, Seattle and a special place in the Californian desert. All throughout the rest of the world, smaller events happened for those who could not make it, and for bands who did not make the big league, but it was still a hit, which artists ranging from Hip-hop, all the way to Death Metal through both nations who participated and merged their art together.

    The organization which planned the event thanks the 10 million plus people who participated and who watched the event live.
  19. The FRNS press slams the FRNS for not participating in the festival. The FRNS has been at the forefront of musical innovation, producing bands like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Abba, Pink Floyd, Joy Division/New Order, The Who, Tears For Fears, The Police, Nena, Oasis, Blur/Gorillaz, Rammstein, and many more - participation would have been easy and was a given, not a goal.
  20. FRNS was reached out to and given the chance, as well as UFOS but neither participated.
    Led Zeppelin was reached out to and had the possibility of being a lead rock act, but they declined, deciding to respect their fallen bandmate two decades earlier. American Metal and rock bands and even hip-hop groups were huge in the festival due to the accessibility, although it was clear Michael Jackson stole the entire show and set a positive world changing statement.