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  1. A few years ago, I created a forum game called 'New Nations', back when forum games had more depth than just responding to a themed reply chain. The first two threads were quite successful. The later two were not. Here I am with a fifth, hoping that maybe there's still people who are interested - a recent request from fluffinator09 got me thinking about it, so I went ahead and... well, did it. Here it is.


    The year is 1945. The seemingly never-ending Great War has come to an end. The damage dealt was so severe that the nations of the world cannot survive alone and must band together with others close by. The United States of America cracked and splintered into all its different states. Will this be a new age of change, or will the world continue on as before?

    The Rules:
    • No arguing/flame wars.
    • You may choose up to only five countries to unite.
    • United countries can only be in the same continent. Exceptions to this rule include New Zealand and Australia.
    • You may expand your country and own up to four colonial possessions at a time - annexation of these takes two years, however, and you can only annex one colony at a time. Independence wars are always a possible thing, however - I will incite these on occasion. Your country must have existed for two years before being able to even consider it, also.
    • Technologies can only be made up to two years before its real life counterpart was invented.
    • Wars are turn based. For example, preparing for an invasion/your defences takes one post, the initial invasion would take another, and so on.
    • Two pages = one in-game year.
    • Trade/technology sharing deals will take one year to negotiate, unless you are in the same supranational organisation - there can only be one of these for each continent.
    Application Form (remove my entries and fill out with your own):

    Nation Name: The United Kingdoms of the North Sea
    Acronym: UK
    Participating Countries: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Ireland, Norway, Denmark, and Sweden.
    Main Exports: Petroleum, machinery/motor vehicles, food, wood. (Google for these and see what the top exports for each country is and pick your four favourites - or don't, I just thought this would be fun and add some depth)
    Form of Government: Constitutional monarchy with a parliament.
    Map Colour: Red

    World Map (ignore the fact I'm using a modern day map, this is just because everyone will know modern day countries and also half the world was still under colonial rule in 1945 and so you end up with things like massive chunks of Africa being one homogeneous colour in thing on that version):
  2. Nation Name: He-MaKiXi Empire
    Acronym: HMKX Empire
    Participating Countries: Korea, Japan, Mongolia, Kuomintang China, Soviet Russia
    Main Exports: Steel, Rice, Human experimentation information, American-Made Weaponry
    Form of Government: Despite being called an empire, Republic, Theocratic elements.
    Map Color: Blue
    Fun fact: The name of this country is a bizarre linguistic fusion of "hope" in several languages.
    I have many plans for this country, including many struggles with corruption and power grabs. This is not an OP country by any means, and its greatest problem, in my eyes in the short term is extreme post-war damage, and long term corruption by resources and corrupt leaders. Of course, you can do whatever you want.
    I'll be chowing down on West Germany, thanks. (In the event of my application being accepted)
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    AltPunisher is either too busy or has forgotten to update the map, or even show up here.
    I would wish he does something exciting, but considering he works 16-hour shifts I don't blame him.
    Anyway, here's the map

    (damned broken thumbnails...)
    Crap, Vietnam isn't a HMKX ally.
    Anyway, this is a much more comprehensive and full map of allies and such. Regard this as the new standard.

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  4. I was bumping the thread.

    The UK announces a multi-billion pound investment into rebuilding the bombed the states of England, Wales, and Norway, using funds generated from the untouched Sweden and Ireland and oil export profits to fund state-owned house creation, and a government fund for businesses to rebuild their own buildings and to create jobs. This will take a total of 20 pages to fully complete. The oil companies have also been nationalised, alongside the coal, steel and aviation industries.

    The North Sea Kingdom Prime Minister has also pledged to keep unemployment at 3% or lower for the next at least ten years.

    Soldiers and the navy are also moving to defend West Germany from HMKX invasion if need be. This will take two posts.
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  5. (Note: this was my introduction post but it will now be where I hold the maps I have created)

    World Environment Organization:

    Post-USA Map:

    (old posts:)

    This is a bit confusing, but I love this!

    Nation Name: The United North
    Acronym: TUN
    Participating Countries: Canada, Alaska, New York, Michigan, Washington
    Main Exports: Petroleum, Machine Parts and Machinery, Timber, Food, and Energy.
    Form of Government: Oligarchy
    Map Colour: Dark red

    The reason why I chose these countries was mainly because Canada and Alaska are huge amounts of land, and pretty secluded. So, if an invasion would occur it would be near impossible due to the mass size of the country. Canada and Alaska also produce huge amounts of resources in mining, oil, forestry, and agriculture. The other US states I believe are pretty good in the economy and industry and New York should be very immigrant based, great for a growing world.

    After the war, the world experienced huge damage and loss of life in Europe and Asia, something which I would not want to focus on repairing and rebuilding. As a world leader, The United North, will grow far stronger and do it faster than allies before. Although, yes, TUN countries did experience war, as many young men were sent out to fight, and they did supply a huge amount of machinery and equipment to the war efforts, still, no battle has been fought on TUN countries. With that said, the post-war economy should shoot up in growth, and TUN's only goal is to bring back prosperity and hope to it's people during these post-war struggles, and hopefully, TUN will reach it's goal of a strong and fruitful economy.
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  6. Do you think I could join this? I like forum RPG's. I am not well-acquainted with History or Diplomacy, though.
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  7. Also, is Canada and other countries still apart of the UK, or did every colony break apart after WW2?
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  8. They've all been broken apart. Nobody owns colonies - hence why I've left the option to take some at a later point in the game :p
    Yes! A quick google should solve any questions you have, and if you say anything that violates the rules in terms of the history/research stuff, I'll correct you on it.
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  9. The HMKX Empire is not blind. As my last post counted as the first mobilization post, this will be my second. But not yet. Any tussle with the UK is likely to end badly for the HMKX Empire.
    Knowing the dire state of corruption in the empire, the public riot for an anti-corruption law. It is enacted, though its clear effects will take 3 posts to show.
    In other news, the economy is in ruins. Nothing is being done due to infighting and corruption, and it’s stupid to start a war with a economy in shambles.
    Of course, the existing invasion force has not been idle. As would be expected in a war, they’ve created extensive fortifications in order to prevent the war from spilling over to the USSR, a thing they cannot afford. There is a reason for this.
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  10. The UKS's Prime Minister has issued a statement towards the HMKX, warning them that if they continue on their current path of aggression towards a land within Europe, they will not hesitate to attack. The UKS invasion force, made up of almost 4.14 million servicemen is now ready, able to deploy in the North and Baltic Seas and in Northern Germany and the Baltic states if necessary, and uses what is left of British air and sea power.

    Meanwhile, internally, the Ministry of Space has been announced and will be founded in 1947 (two pages). The North Sea Health Service - the NSHS - has also been founded, and will provide healthcare to every North Sea citizen free of charge, with private options still available, starting in 1946.

    An expansion of North Sea oil drilling has also been announced, in the hopes that it will boost GDP and income from oil.

    They have also offered a trade agreement with the TUN.
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  11. The countries of Michigan and New York request a part of West Germany, as both states were once apart of the USA, a main contender in seizing Germany at the end of WW2.

    The post-war economy in the countries of TUN are thriving, Michigan, New York, and Canada are experiencing an "economic boom." It will take 1 page before accelerated growth of the economy is shown though.

    Although, as a growing nation which was recently repealed from the fallen colonies of the UK, Canada focuses on rebuilding their government. So far, Canada's government lies under an Oligarchy, a group of people who rule over the country. These rulers were previous head politicians of the previous Representative Democracy. These rulers are well trusted by citizens of the TUN and do a well job of having the economy and their people in mind, although the nations of TUN may soon hope to have their Democracy back.

    Alaska focuses on exporting Petroleum and producing Seafood, as well as constructing large mines. Clear effects in the industry will take a turn within 3 posts.

    Washington welcomes back home their soldiers, and focuses on an improved agriculture program. Effects will show within 3 posts.

    Michigan keeps work on their manufacturing industry, which was well thrived during the war.

    New York opens up to new immigrants who are looking to find work in the new world and escape from a dwindled europe, and so New York's employment rate skyrockets, with increased manufacturing and economic growth.

    Although TUN's nations are thriving economically, there is still a visible problem in the government and borders, along with the four previous US states banding along with Canada, it's a change that won't be easy to push through so early on. Border improvement will be in effect in 5 posts, and the addition of the four states military banding together with Canada's will give positive affects in 2 pages.
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  12. The UKNS would like to reiterate its threat that it currently has a fully mobilised land army of 4.14 million ready to protect West Germany at a moment's notice and has dominant sea power in the region.

    The Prime Minister has also announced the founding of the European Commonwealth, a supranational organisation for any nation in Europe to join, in order to move goods, services and people around the continent without border control, besides on nations outside of the organisation. This would also include a coal and steel sharing agreement, allowing the crippled countries to share these vital resources among one another. Nations joining must be fully democratised.

    Map of the countries currently in the Commonwealth:
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  13. TUN accepts the UKS's trade agreement, and hopes that both nations can support each other in post-war efforts.

    With an outreach for more jobs, TUN announces the United North Pipeline, a pipeline running from Buffalo, New York to Regina, Saskatchewan. The new project will hopefully safely transport clean energy throughout Canada and most importantly, give more jobs. The pipeline will be finished within 5 years.

    To be able to build more housing and construct new towns due to the mass of immigration, the forestry industry in the west coast is thriving, and more jobs are being opened, both in the construction and logger industry. TUN's government promises that unemployment rates will be kept lower than 3%
  14. The HMKX Empire responds by building extensive, clearly defensive forts along the West German border. A war cannot be allowed to spread to Soviet Russia. If it does, the HMKX Empire is done for. In addition, massive supply centers are set up in Poland, in order to allow for easy resupply.
    In addition, Russian troops in the region have been mobilized to a strength of 2 Million. T-34 as well as captured Panzers have been mobilized to a great degree, upwards of 1,200 units by some estimates.
    A mutual defense pact with Finland is in negotiation. The deal, while not finalized is going well.
    The economy is still horrible, but the steel and technology industries have experienced growth.
    However, a sustained war with the UK is still a bad idea, as food is scarce, and the citizens live in mediocre conditions.
    Precisely because of this, even the corrupt government has initiated massive food industry reforms.
    These effects will fully show in 2 years, though some effects will be clear after even 1 year.
    (Just to clear things up, on my end, the USSR segment of the empire consists of Russia, East Germany, Poland and Ukraine. Just wanted to clear things up, and if you had a different idea, than you can retcon it, as in retcon my actions.)
    In addition, the first anti-corruption purges have begun. Corruption is punishable by death or life sentences. No one is dead, yet. The HMKX Empire is still investigating.
    On a last note, We have struck oil.
  15. Due to the significant Crude Oil reserves of the Soviet Union, it has been determined that it would be useless without a pipeline. It will take 3 4 years to construct the continent-spanning pipeline, mainly due to growth in the steel industry. Without it, it would have taken at least a decade.
    Combined, Russia and China's Iron reserves and production is responsible for the growth.
    The Empire now moves most of its troops off the Polish defensive line, though the fortifications and tanks remain, with 920,000 still remaining to drive the 1,200 tanks and defend. Finland can serve just as well as a European ally.
    We turn our attention to India.
    A hostile takeover is inevitable.
  16. The Canadian and American Military seems to be merging just fine, luckily, both countries are pretty equal in terms of culture and language, hopefully merging won't be difficult, although the citizens of New York, Michigan, and Washington still have a strong connection with previous fellow US states, and so trade opportunities have opened up.

    The Canadian Military has decided to merge both the US and Canadian military dress together, although it will be a while till both troop are all under the same uniform and same command. Hopefully new jobs will appear in the tailor and factory industry as the militaries merge.

    TUN hopes to establish the "United North Armed Forces." or UNAF. The branch of the UNAF will hopefully be under full swing within 1 year, although changes within the branch should be enacted very soon.
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  17. The Empire has not yet mobilized against India, and does not intend to until the anti-corruption reforms are complete.
    The Indian army is brave, strong and has leftover resources. We do not take the coming invasion lightly. The projected invasion force clocks in around 5.8 Million, according to HMKX high command. This is the first wave, as well as the strongest. The second wave clocks in at around 3.2 million, and the third, to eliminate any resistance, 930,000. The total clocks in at around 10 million. To be precise, 9,930,000.
    The shiny new T-55s will be deployed at large numbers, as well as an exact Soviet copy of the flying fortress being used, sparingly. Incurring the wrath of the native population is not part of the plan, and never will be. Of course, none of this has happened yet. It will, sooner or later. In a few years, at least after the pipeline is complete. The Empire wants to be prepared. If we do not, it could end badly. The Empire is not even considering doing it now. Later, when it has made the appropriate advances to fight well.
    The final stages of the anti-corruption act is complete.
    It will take effect and purges will begin soon. Blood will be spilt, and until the HMKX empire can replace the swiss-cheesed ranks, the HMKX Empire intends to do nothing, lest it end in disaster.
  18. Alaska's goal to construct more mines has proven successful, as a large income of lead, copper, gold, silver and coal enter the economy. Coal factories will be produced in a larger quantity to add more jobs and improve manufacturing. Lead and copper will also be used to improve manufacturing, especially in military equipment and vehicles. Luxury ores have been introduced in larger quantities to the market, producing more decorative items and jewelry.

    Washington's agriculture system is experiencing a huge amount of business. More jobs, and more trade options open, happiness has increased.

    Canada opens up more mining opportunities in the Yukon, and to open up more possibilities in the growing military to react to a possible war with tensions between UKS and the HMKX Empire, work in the Oil producing industry has increased.
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  19. Also, OP, my man, China.
    You forgot China. As far as I know, in 1945, Kuomintang and Communists were warring for the mainland.
    I’m assuming that HMKX destroyed Communist china, and upheld Kuomintang as the sole legitimate mainland government.
    Also, I misspoke on Soviet Russia, should have said “slightly fractured USSR”.
    The countries still in fractured USSR are Russia, Poland, East Germant and Ukraine.
    Hope that clears things up, though you can do whatever you want, and assign me whatever you want.