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  1. You may say Oligarchy is our biggest weakness, but the unwell being of your citizens is drastically high
  2. HA HA.
    We laugh.
    Massive infrastructure reforms are complete in Japan and Korea.
    China, while taking great periods of time will be complete, and In any war, we have the Great General W. On the Empire’s side.
    General W, who doomed the Nazis, Napoleon, and Sweden. General W, who serves as Russia’s greates ally.
    General W, a literal force of nature.
    No one’s unemployed at any rate. The infrastructure reforms have seen to that, with so many arms needed to work. Things are going great.
    The Empire has designed an entire fleet’s worth of ships. The steel to build them is there. The women and the men are working. The Empire has a 100% Employment rate.
    Our threats are just that, threats.
    The empire has no desire to war, in a multi-front war. That’s dumb. Stupid, too.
    The Empire’s waiting for its chance to blast off.
    100% Employment rate, lightning infrastructure reform... you have seen nothing yet.
  3. ALSO, the Empire is not only spying.
    It is also bribing, threatening, killing, and manipulating.
    Or course, that information won’t reach the council. We’ll make sure it won’t. If it does, we are done for. And UKS won’t see this either. We won’t allow it.
    Our control, is however very limited.
    We’re broke, and you can only bribe so many before someone notices.
    You can only control so much before someone sees.
    So we leave you to your own devices, because it is our only option. It’s not all that impressive. We can’t really do much of anything.
    Take care.
    All this coal The Empire sent against UKS’s will is labeled.
    “Courtesy of the Empire.”
  4. Finally, an action post!
    The Empire has acted. Turkey is negotiating with the Empire in a mutual defense pact. Negotiations are slow, with the treaty likely taking 1 and a half year to negotiate.
    However, the HMKX Empire is more than willing to defend Turkey should the UKS make a move. The ports must be integrated into the Empire's clutches.
    The Russian reforms to infrastructure has begun, and housing constructed in Korea and Japan.
    The housing is heavily-regulated private buildings, not governmental. This means the government pays nothing. However, it is also heavily disorganized and may cause chaos. Lastly. The Japan region government has lost a lawsuit agaist the Korea and Chinese region government. Japan must apologize for its war crimes, and teach it.
  5. (outside of game text)

    OP, can you explain how colonization in this game works and the steps? I'm very confused
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  6. (Out of Game)
    I agree. Good question!
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  7. I wish this would progress more during my day as opposed to during my night. :p Perhaps we need some more Europeans playing.

    Swissilia frowns at the United North's legalisation of firearms, although the terms are better than expected.
    Swissilia sends an offer to the UK: Italy and Switzerland would like to fund/finance (not sure on the proper term) the Ministry of Space, if Swissilian scientists may in turn get access to some of the results. 'some of the results' being more than the public gets access to, but not necessarily all the UK's got access to.
    The Empire has gathered taxes! The Empire now has a proper (if small) budget!
    Spend away, boys.
    Let’s use it to fund education! A smart populace is a good populace!
    Swissilia is contacted, to find teachers. Education is important. China is in need of it. The Empire’s rebuilt enough to educate everyone but Russia.
    There is a national teachers exam and finding contest. Swissillia has been contacted for its educational systems and resources. Of course, there will be compensation in the form of OIL!
    Your buddy needs you, Swissilia! Please help The Empire become a prosperous one!
    P.S. (out of game note) anyone who dares commit atrocities on Swissillian territory is on the Empire’s hitlist. The Empire has morals, in the end, and the theocracy is its heart.
  9. Colonisation works by pretty much annexing a piece of land into your country as you sixth/seventh/etc. member. The only difference is that I can say a revolt happens there and you have to deal with it. I'll decide if you win based on the location (if it's a dry desert and your nation lives in the snow, I'll deduct winning points from you. If the colony is far away, that's also deducted points).

    The UKNS accepts the Swissilian offer.
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  10. Hooray. I hope Swissilia makes money somehow, to fund the funding. :p

    Meanwhile, most people in Austria have accepted the theory of evolution, and this has spread to Switzerland as well.
  11. The Empire is slightly frustrated that no response is coming for their request and offer. The reforms must come FAST, and HARD, lest public support waver.
    HMKX Empire fun facts:
    In Democracy, parties are banned. Lobbying is outright punishable by 30-Year sentences. Lying with intent to lie as a political candidiate or promoting violence against a group is banned.
    The Theocracy is a sort of “deep state”, however benevolent. This will create problems.
    The Empire is aware of us, as in the players of this game. The Theocracy’s religion is us, as in they worship us as gods, and their form of worship is benevolence towards defenseless or subjugated peoples to gain our favor. The Theocracy found out because I told them.
  12. Swissilia takes this as a sign that the Empire isn't quite paying SL attention. A response was sent half a year ago, agreeing on the offer. The request about the oil line is unclear, but if it is made more clear Italy is sure something will be invented, and Luxembourgians might have ideas also.
  13. TUN requests a trade deal with Swissilia. Hopefully this will strengthen relations.

    TUN also takes up the offer to fund the Space Ministry of UKNS. The TUN government will also assist in manufacturing needs.
  14. UNAF works hard on building the navy and airforce stronger than before. Due to the strong manufacturing powers of Canada in WW2, manufacturing should be swift, and production numbers should be bountiful, no one wants a weak army, and with The Empire's huge forces, tactics should be key, and so TUN seeks for top trained Army Generals.

    TUN reforms their tax plan.

    TUN looks at the poor treatment that has been done to the Indigenous peoples of Canada, and shuts down all Residential boarding schools. These schools have seemed to have a job to only damage young native children and tear apart their culture. TUN apologizes frontly for the first residential school opening in 1880. "Tearing apart our countries children's culture and then forcing them to follow European Christian ideals is disgusting. Although we were never there when the first residential school was opened, we give a great apology to the native peoples of Canada, and we will do all we can to support you."

    TUN funds a project to reform Indian reserves, and to provide proper health care and education benefits to the Native American population. TUN will also help clean polluted rivers and water sources that the Native American people live off.

    The Native American Civil Rights act will be passed in 2 posts, and aid and reformation in the Indigenous community will begin in 2 posts. All residential schools are expected to be closed within 1 page.
  15. Sounds good! Agreed. The homeland comes first, though.
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  16. The UKNS agrees to the deal. It, and the Swissilian deal, will be effective as of 1951 (the next page). Both countries will be useful for funding and for supplying the parts of the upcoming satellite(s), which will also create job growth in the TUN and Swissilia.
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  17. Oh btw OP, is it 1 year equals 1 page now?
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  18. OOPS forgot two pages was my own rule.

    Everything I've said is retconned.
    Ministry of Space founded = 1947
    X-1 flight = 1948 (this page)
    Swissilian + TUN Deal = 1949 (page after next)
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  19. This is a miscommunication. The Empire is sorry.
    Becoming the permanent education partner of The Empire will grant you benefits such as: Free (Limited) Oil, Reduction of all tariffs, especially steel and oil, possible extension of pipeline into swissilian territory, and designs for a Nuclear-Power Plant.
    The Empire has gathered the brightest minds in nuclear physics to research safer nuclear reactors, as well as create designs for a bomb. This is due to TUN Nuclear weapons development.
    Enriched Plutonium is in production, more than Nuclear-Capable.
    The Empire is also creating Solar Power
    plants on a grand scale, or at least has plans to. No money=no creation.

    MiG-15 Mass Production is Underway. They will serve as grunts. Empire Jets are supersonic, and designs are complete. E-1 Line of Jets will serve as (for now) elite jets. They are, to the Empire’s knowledge, simpler and cheaper to repair and build, more heavily armed, simpler to pilot and far more fuel-efficient than the X-1, but slightly slower and lower-tech. This makes the E-1 slightly superior from a Grand Perspective. However, The Empire is relying on slightly outdated data. They are aware of this and estimates a 4:5 Kill ratio, as in for every 4 downed X-1 there are 5 downed E-1. It will likely be offset by the sheer quantity of E-1.
    ICBM concept designs are underway.
    Chinese infrastructure reforms and Japanese-Korean Housing projects are nearly complete.
  20. The United North will be reminded.
    The Empire is a threat.
    Japan is no longer a bombed-out land.
    Korea is no longer a colonialism-ravaged country.
    China is now (much less) not destroyed by civil war.
    Russia is helping itself out without the government helping, though the effort is chaotic.
    The Empire feeds its people. The Empire is great. The Empire has might and resources and a determined populace.
    The Empire is not weak, and it is capable.
    Wait, what?
    Oh no.
    United North, The Empire requires your assistance lest the plague spread to you. The flu is back. The authorities have been alerted, but The Empire is insufficient. Allow The Empire to vaccinate, or out of spite kill innocent millions, including your own citizens. The Empire-United North border is compromised. The Empire and United North are both infected.
    The Empire offers a compromise. The Empire is ill-equipped to handle
    this plague.
    The United North will be unable to resist a crippling lack of resources. The Empire is used to it.
    The Empire offers food exports and reserves in exchange for medical information and technology.
    This is mutually beneficial.
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