[Forum Game] King of the Hill

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  1. So basically how this game works is that you have to take over the hill. You explain how you get the previous king off the hill (be creative, don't just post "I walked up there and pushed them off")

    I'll start

    I walked up the hill. I'm now king of the hill.

    1. Try not to double post
    2. The hill cannot be destroyed.
    3. There a spell in the game that cannot be undone. Nobody can die!
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  2. I blew up the hill, no one wins now.
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  3. I payed Samsimx to snipe you and watched as your body rolled off the hill. I'm the king c:
  4. I am revived by the power of stone slabs and I use a giant fan to blow you off of the hill.
    I am now the king of the hill.
  5. I'm sure I'm going to be ninja'd, but this is what I'll do to the person above this post:
    I ask Hermes to go with me, and he plays on his lyre. The current king is enchanted, and when I politely ask him to go away if he wants to hear more, he descends from the hill, together with Hermes. I'm now the king.

    Yay, I did that to SkyDragonv8. That's what I wanted, but I was ninja'd by three people :p
  6. I drill my way to the top and shred you with the drill bit. Im king. :D
  7. I freeze the mountain and send an army of penguins to slide on their bellies and knock you off. I am now king of the hill.
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  8. I lure you and your army away with fish and I use polar bears to guard the hill.

    I am now the king.
  9. I eat penguin because penguins taste good. I'm the king of the hill.
  10. I then blow you up and reconstruct the penguins into powerful mutants who overtake the hill.

    Eating penguins is not cool. :(
  11. I ride into the hill with an army of polar bears that eat the penguins and you run away.

    I am now the king.
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  12. I bribe a giant fish to lure your polar bears off the hill. An army of mercenary giraffes now control the hill.
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  13. i bomb the hill continously
  14. the hill is polutedwith radiation XD
  15. I use radiation scrubbers to clean the radiation and use a trampoline to reflect the bombs to hit you.

    I am now the king.
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  16. Using a giant penguin magnet, I attract all my eaten penguins from Sky's stomach. I am not the king of the hill.
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  17. I make it Rain Walruses and Bathtubs full of Lard onto the hill, One of the Bathtubs squishes Penguin, the hill is now protected by Cyborg Walruses with Giant Flamethrowers

    I am now the King
  18. I bulldoze the hill. The hill is now a flat piece of land, knocking off the previous person.

    I am now the king of the flat land.
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  19. I hover a huge magnet over the hill and all of the walrus' are pulled up by it.
    I am now the king of the hill.
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  20. I was not the king of the hill.

    I don't like my penguin army dying, so I will be using mercenary giraffes from now on.

    The giraffes use the power of the Sun and melt your defenses. They parade up the hill in victory.