[Forum Game] I wanna see...

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What do you wanna see more?

I wanna see a Smp10. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
I wanna see the Games Server up and running again. 7 vote(s) 100.0%
  1. I wanna see <insert username> do <insert something you wannna see them do>.

    That simple!


    I wanna see Foxy_Kitty come back onto the forums.
    I wanna see a Smp10.
    I wanna see Eviltoade join the staff team again.

    Stuff like that!
    Keep it appropriate please, and don't be rude to other people. List what you want to see someone do/say/act/etc.!
  2. I want to see EMC update to 1.14 soon. Otherwise it'll be far behind and out of date, while Minecraft updates to 1.15 this (currently planned) December... :\
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  3. I wanna see a picture of Aikar coding on a early Macintosh. XD
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  4. How early are we talking about? I'm quite curious if it's the machine I'm thinking of. >:3
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  5. I wanna see more people talking in town chat :rolleyes: I've had some of the best (and weirdest) conversations of my life on EMC :p
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  6. I wanna see LuckyGreenBird riding on a monstrous green bird...in minecraft...
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  7. I wanna see Anon return... ;)

    Oh wait! She already has :eek:
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  8. I wanna see more pics of Moop’s new cat :3
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  9. I second the above comment.
    Also, I wanna see a more welcoming environment for new players on EMC :(
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  10. I want to see ANon buy my valentine puppers! :rolleyes:
  11. I wanna see Sefl sell me them for 1r each :3
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  12. I wanna see a giant bag of jelly beans on my desk.
  13. I wanna see a better computer on my desk...
  14. I want to see people use propper grammar on the internet.

    It's an SMP not a SMP, as you pronounce it "Es Em Pee". Just like "a universety".
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  15. I want to see myself actually finish a project that I start :rolleyes:
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  16. I wanna see someone change their name to AsphaltJoe and if that is taken KreamPuffGarret why these names I don't know I just made them up..
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