[FORUM GAME] EMC Text Adventure: The Adventure Update

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Have you played Minecraft before or during its Adventure Update? (Beta 1.8, Beta 1.9 pre, 1.0)

Yes. 7 vote(s) 53.8%
No. 6 vote(s) 46.2%

  1. Hi, it's me again!

    This is the sequel to my first EMC Text Adventure, but it can be played by anyone. I'll try to make the rules a bit clearer this time too. :D

    The basics
    You are in a (simplified version of a) Minecraft world. You use commands to perform actions. Each 'round', every player can post a command. I then respond with the result of each command. Behind the scenes I have a copy of the map for each player, where I keep track of where everyone is and what they've done. The players have to keep track of such things themselves.

    The eventual goal is finding three chests. These chests contain Minecraft items that you will actually get on EMC. Among these will be a written book that I will write after the game concludes. You will also get Club Points if you stay regularly active for the entirety of the game.

    Game progression
    To sign up, simply post a command in this thread. Every other day I will respond to all outstanding commands with the result of that command. You may then post another. You can jump in at any time, but if you start playing the game later you should read all the posts that have been made so far in order to not be at a major disadvantage.

    The commands
    WALK North / East / South / West
    This command can be used to move around the map. If succesful, you will be placed one square in whatever direction you input. This might be unsuccessful because of running into stone without a pick-axe or because of running into the world border.
    RUN North / East / South / West
    This command can be used to move around the map. If succesful, you will be placed two squares in whatever direction you input. This will use up two food bars. You cannot run if you have 3 or less food bars.
    EAT Steak / Chicken
    This command can be used to increase your amount of food bars. Eating steak will gain you 4 food bars, eating chicken will gain you 3 food bars. You can have a maximum of 10 food bars.
    CRAFT Boat / Pick-Axe / Sword
    This command can be used to obtain tools. A boat is required to traverse water without drowning, a pick-axe is required to get past stone, and a sword is required to get past zombies without dying. For each of these items a single piece of wood is required.

    The main addition of The Adventure Update: Food
    • You start out with 10 food bars.
    • Running costs 2 food bars and can only be done if you have 3 food bars or more.
    • Walking costs 0.5 a food bar.
    • If you have 0 food bars at the end of a round you die.
    • Extra food bars can be obtained (at a maximum of 10) by eating food (steak or chicken). Food can be obtained by visiting a square that hosts an animal. You do not need a sword to kill the animal, nor do you need a furnace to cook the food.
    Important notes and extra rules
    • Everyone is in a copy of the same world. This means that if someone finds a tree and you have been keeping up on their movements, you know where it is also!
    • Your actions don't affect the world of others: if you punch a tree, the tree will still be there for others. The only exception is the chests: those can only be collected by the first person reaching each.
    • There is a world border on each side of the map. This border is straight, so if anyone's found any piece of the east border, you know where it is in its entirety.
    • You can die in this game in various ways. If you do, your location will be reset to spawn. Also all animals will respawn, and your food bars will be reset to 10. Trees stay punched, and you keep your inventory (including any food you might have had on you when you died).
    • If you visit a square with a tree you chop it down and obtain its wood. For each tree chopped down you can craft a single item. This means you do not need two logs for a boat, for instance.
    • If you run you move two squares in one round. If either of these squares kills or blocks you, I will make clear which of these two it was. Otherwise, you will only get to know what is on the square that you land on, not the one that you ran over.
    Have fun! It is no problem if you can't post a new command every round. If you will be gone for a long period of time (a vacation, or a busy study period, for example), let me know. In that case you are allowed to send a series of moves ahead of time by pm, and catch up on the outputs when you are back.
    Any questions or discussion in this thread is allowed. :)
  2. I'd like to give this a go! Last game I didn't understand it (and didn't join because of that), but now I think I do, so I'd like to try as well now. :)
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  3. Awesome! Can I join? :D
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  4. Very cool! This one has got the extra dimension of running and food, but it should still be fine. :D I tried to remove any unnecessary details (hence why food is immediately cooked, for example (which my brother accounted for by saying you've got Fire Aspect hands :p)).
    Very gladly!
    You both might as well already post the first command. :) I will give the first outputs back once we've got a good few people in, and some days have passed since posting the thread.
  5. WALK North, please. :D
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  6. I would like to start by walking east :)
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  7. Could I join in to?
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  8. Sure, just post a command. :D (only WALK and RUN commands will be possible at this point as you have no wood or food yet)

    Oh, and I forgot to say:
    You spawn in in a plain.

    Biomes do not have meaning in this game, they're just for extra flavour and so you are more likely to notice mistakes in your map. :) (or mistakes made by me, which hopefully won't happen :$)
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  9. Can I join? In that case Run west
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  10. Welcome! :D

    I'm still waiting for two certain players of the last game. ;)
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  11. Bump!
    Maybe I should pm the guys... :p I do want several regular players of the game, as otherwise it will progress too slowly. :)
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  12. Yes please I would like to join:D
    walk east
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  13. Walk south
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  14. As the last of the four original participants, I would like to walk west :)
    [EDIT] How often do animals respawn?
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  15. As often as you die, as mentioned in bullet four of "Important notes and extra rules". You can theoretically get infinite food by killing an animal, then dying, then killing that animal again, then dying again... ;)
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  16. Whoop, we're starting! :D Now I have to make up flavour text that will be used for the rest of the game. :p

    When I get flavourful commands I'll strip them off the flavour, so it's easier to see who did what. ;)

    You enter a savanna. It is quite flat!
    You take a stroll in the plain. Nice temperature!
    You may post another command now! :D I considered positing a hostile mob directly above spawn, but I thought that would go a bit too far, so no deaths so far. ;)
  17. Code:
    walks east
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  18. Walk south.
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