Find the Rubber Ducky!

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Do you have one or multiple rubber duckies?

Yes. 90 vote(s) 61.6%
No. 56 vote(s) 38.4%
  1. Okay so I believe I found it.

    So I can't upload the actual image, but I can give a link to my drawing.
  2. Nope, I'm sorry :(
    It might be a bit too hard (harder than I thought, maybe I see him because I know where it is) bu that might be fun because now more people have a chance. and I like seeing people struggle >: D
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  3. Do i need to post a picture with a marking? I'd be automatically disqualified from this thread if that's the case.
  4. Yep you have to make a picture with a marking where it is but you have to put it in a spoiler so that others cant see it on accident.
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  5. What's the problem?

    I'll do this tomorrow probably, I'll have to take some time to do this, I think :p

  6. Was I in time? I found it within 5-10 seconds, but it took me 10 minutes to indicated the place of it xD I don't have the best image editing software installed on my iPad... :rolleyes:
    Edit: I hope that's actually it... it really looks like a crocodile there, though. Until you look up close, that is, when everything gets all blurry.
  7. I don't have any software to do this lol.
  8. If you are on a Windows computer, open up the task manager, use the snipping tool, use rectangle cut, and then when the picture opens, draw a circle over where you believe the duck is, and then upload the image to this thread.
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  9. That's no tree, it's Croquasaurus!

    A dinosaur with a crocodile head/beak. I think Haastregt may consider himself lucky that this was an infant and he made it out alive.
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  10. Did I do it right?
  11. Except put it in a spoiler next time.
  12. eh... i'll just not participate xD
  13. How to put in a spoiler
    ([spolier="I need to spell spoiler correctly (TITLE HERE)"] (message, or in this case picture/link)

    And that is how you create a spoiler :D
  14. I didnt see where you marked it first but I saw the spot with color on it still, so I assumed that was how you marked it and yep, that is the crocodile ;)

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  15. I know how to create a spoiler. That wasn't me who commented above.
  16. Oh my bad I didn't know you had to use a spoiler.
  17. Yes, you did do it right! You weren't the first to do it, though (Penguinub was), so you won't get 1k. (the reason I don't update the OP is that it's still the most recent picture)
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  19. Find the crocodile, by haastregt!

    Not all crocodiles are green.

    Found by 607.

    Tree climbing.

    Found by FDNY21.

    Not in the green.

    Found by AliceTheFox.

    Duck over board!

    Found by nltimv.

    Stone is nice to be around.

    Found by Dufne.

    Nice and dry.

    Found by Kaizimir.

    Right side is right side, that's for sure.

    Found by nobody, but myself.


    Found by Ethy202.


    Found by Ethy202.


    Found by haastregt.

    Past pictures, page 3.
  20. found it, (could you tell me how to make a spoiler?)