Find the Rubber Ducky!

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Do you have one or multiple rubber duckies?

Yes. 90 vote(s) 62.5%
No. 54 vote(s) 37.5%
  1. I got it in 1-2 minutes.
    (I'd try to not put it on the outside of a photo - a lot of people look there first.)
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  2. Very top of the screen, above and to the left a bit of the pipe.
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  3. I know, I wanted to try it once more :p
    I hoped people would look in the pipe.

    A more difficult one is coming soon. I uploaded a relatively easy one so I could have two in one week: I missed one week when I was on vacation.
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  4. But when am I going to get my 1K?
  5. I didnt even know you could win 1K with this xD
    But justbe patient, 607 doesnt log in to EMC that much and the picture was only uploaded today ;)
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  6. When I get on next. I have paid all three previous winners, don't be afraid. This isn't something meant for earning money, it's meant for fun, with a little prize as a nice add-on.
    You didn't check your rupee history, then ;)
  7. Nope, I barely ever check that unless I see a bug change (like 10K more or less).
    I somethimes do /r ingame though but that is the same story, if I see little changes it could be my shop or something so I dont react to it :p
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  8. Thanks for the donation, AyanamiKun! :D (Hm, AyanamiKun sounds a bit long...)

    Here's the new picture! :)

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  9. This one is alot harder, I didnt see this one right away (actually have to search for it now :p)
    You miht even have used a green ducky?
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  10. Nope, its not another picture, it as at the window at the edge of the bushes (making the picture now :p

    EDIT: imgur is having trouble it might take a while
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  11. Mail me the picture at, I'll upload it later :) (I believe that's my secondary gmail, not 100% sure, though)
  12. got it to work

    EDIT: oh ninja'd, I think this is right too? ;P
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  13. Darn it, nin'ja'd :l
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  14. Edit: Nevermind, we're all winners.
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  15. You didn't lose, you won, you just won't get any rupees for it ;)
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  16. This one is slightly special: it's a short clip! An easy one to begin with. ;) You can watch the entire video, pause wherever you want, open the video in YouTube... it's definitely recommended to set the quality to HD (720p or 1080p). You can take a screenshot when you see it, and then indicate the ducky in an image editing program. Included in your answer should be the picture indicating the ducky and the time you took the screenshot at, in seconds. Clear? :)
  17. In the puddle in about 9ish seconds. Cant take screenshots on my PC
  18. Why can't you take a screenshot? And something-ish seconds isn't enough, you can pause to see at what time it is.
  19. i think i found it! ^.^

    u gave a little hint when u moved the camera back but not to the puddle

    it was a nice puzzle!
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  20. I knew it was there :p