Find the Rubber Ducky!

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Do you have one or multiple rubber duckies?

Yes. 90 vote(s) 61.2%
No. 57 vote(s) 38.8%
  1. I also thought it was there too! I dont do images
  2. Wasn't getting notifications from this for some reason... Probably from when I went on holiday, but I'll be following so hopefully I won't miss any anymore ;)
    You'll have to do images if you want to win, there's a pretty easy way to do it:
    Press print screen when you have found it > paste it into the paint program on your PC > use the circle tool and put the circle around the ducky > save the image > upload it to :)

    Hope this helps!

    EDIT: and then paste it from imgur to here :p
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  3. My screenshots button is messed up
    Its on screen for 1 second at 7 seconds in
  4. Correct!
    Thanks! :)
    This was something experimental, and I still don't really know where to go with it (I did make another clip, which is much, much shorter). I'll keep alternating pictures and clips.
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  5. Well, sorry, but then you can't win the 1k. I trust you, but I need to keep to the rules, in order to prevent people from cheating.
    What OS are you using? Perhaps I can help with your problem.
  6. This sounds like fun! :) *watches thread* Thanks for doing it, 607. :)
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  7. You pride yourself in making these things hard, don't you?

    Is it behind where the rope meets the pole in the center? It is in the loop there. There is a little bit of purple if I am not mistaken
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  8. Well, making them all too easy wouldn't be fun ;)
    My sister helps a lot with finding places.
    But you were right!
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  9. cant find it just yet :(

    but i love it, gonna search more....
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  10. Well, have an easy one ;)
  11. On my holidays I spotted a crocodile (alot actually) and they are very good camouflaged. I took a special photo of one of them for this thread, do you mind me placing it here or sending it to you?
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  12. Yay, I also found this one on my own. needed help with the last one.
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  13. Find the crocodile (its from my holidays).
    I dont know how hard it will be, but let's just try it out.
    The winner will get 1K from me.
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  14. I think I found it. At least, I found something that looks vaguely like a crocodile. :p
  15. I think I know why you thought that, but its not a crocodile xD
    If you see him you just know it is a crocodile ;P
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  16. Edit: oops no spoiler and yeah i guessed the same spot lol :p
  17. You're right, it's a tree... IMITATING A CROCODILE! It all fits! I'd better call the police or something, because if the trees are becoming sentient, then lumberjacks are all mass murderers, and for all we know the trees are evil trees. Why else would they be imitating crocodiles?
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  18. I believe I found it, but I am not on a computer for 2 weeks. I will try to find something to draw a circle with.
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