Find the Rubber Ducky!

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Do you have one or multiple rubber duckies?

Yes. 90 vote(s) 61.6%
No. 56 vote(s) 38.4%
  1. Is this still going?
  2. I might try to get it going again, though, I have the other pictures still backed up (I hope I can still find the ducky on my own pictures :p)
    I'm very busy, though.
    Also, if this were to continue: would people mind not receiving rupees for finding the Ducky? Needing to keep track of payments makes the whole thing a lot harder to manage.
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  3. I love this! I don't mind not getting the rupees, this is a fun game and The reward is having fun, which you still can have even though you don't find it first. I would definitely play without the reward :)
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  4. What padde73 said :p
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  5. Let's get another one of these going again, at a familiar location: the boat.
    This one took me a while myself, it having been long since I took it!
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  6. found it but to lazy to download the picture and stuff :p
  7. found it!
    in the sand about 1/10 of the way up and 4/10th of the way from the left
  8. I think that's just a mouthguard or something.

    Found it.
    It's a bit down and left from the bottom left corner of the play structure thing.
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  9. To the both of you: remember only an actually edited picture counts. :)
  10. Let's do it proerly properly then :D

    Great MS Paint circle :)
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  11. This one was really hard, I gave up eventually because I kept seeing things that I wasnt sure of if it was the ducky (like three different things lol), checked the answers and then saw I was not even close xD
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  12. EDIT: Ninja'd. Oh well. My first guess was wrong anyway and I didn't see it until I uploaded the full resolution photo.
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  13. Exactly. That was what I was looking at.
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  14. I know, well done! :)
    Got to be consistent though, which is why I don't acknowledge descriptions until somebody has actually posted a correct picture.
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  15. Who gets credit then?
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  16. I believe nltimv
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  17. I'll post nltimv's picture (you don't have one, after all), accompanied by his name.
    It's also explicitly stated in the OP:
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  18. >:I
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  19. Read rhythmically, READ
  20. that's not rhythmically... or did you mean the past rhythmically and not the current rhythmicaly? >.>?

    heh, that's why i don't participate xD