Find the Rubber Ducky!

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Do you have one or multiple rubber duckies?

Yes. 90 vote(s) 60.8%
No. 58 vote(s) 39.2%
  1. Thought so already, because I found another place shortly after posting that!

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  2. That is, however, not it, either. ;)
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  4. Why is your image so much smaller? I'll have to create my own for the answers, then. :p
    But yes, that's it! :) I thought it was very easy, but when I looked at it again after Tom's two attempts, I realised that as is often the case, the colour hardly stands out at all, and the shape might be contributed to the capriciousness (?) of a tree such as this.

    This was a fun one to do as as you might notice (although the tree does look a lot shorter in the picture than it really was), the ducky is quite high up, and I am not quite as tall as Jelle. :p So I had to jump to push it in there, and jump to pull it out. ;)
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  5. That's probably because of the picture's perspective: you appear to have took the picture from quite high up, looking down a bit, so tall things appear smaller. :)
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  6. is it here?

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  7. It's not, thanks for guessing! :)
  8. Will anyone else have a go? ;)
  9. It's not there, thanks for guessing!

    I will reveal the hint on Sunday, if I remember to.
  10. I'll have another go :D

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  11. Woohoo, you got it! :D

    This was actually the only branch I could reach, and I thought it might be fairly easy to find because of that. However, interestingly, on the picture the tree seems almost 2-dimensional, if you know what I mean. In reality, the branch the ducky is on stuck out very far from all of the other branches.

    I've got to ask... did you think I had a ladder? ;)

    Lukas is now one point behind Jelle on the leaderboard.
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  12. I was not sure how big the tree was and it looks huge, so I first looked on the ground. But in the Show Yourself thread your size was described as tree-like, so I extended my search :p
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  13. I just remember wanting to share a picture with you, 607 :D
    Anyways, I saw this cute little booth at the Christmas market in Aachen and immediately thought of you.
    Enjoy :D
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  14. Ooh, that's perfect. I could've put the ducky in the fir. :D
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  15. Have a really old one! From the ecocathedral. :)

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  16. I think I got it :D
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  17. You did, congrats!
    Something strange happened, though... you appear to have completely disappeared from the leaderboard, having only 1 point to your name. :p Fortunately Google Sheets keeps old versions, so I should be able to find how much you had...
    Oh lol, I see what happened: I recently added a new person to the data, and then when I sorted the list alphabetically, I accidentally selected the names column only (not the score columns), so the entire thing was completely messed up. :D
    You are nearing the 100 CP mark!
  18. The adventures of the rubber duckies continue? Nice. :3
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