Find the Rubber Ducky!

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Do you have one or multiple rubber duckies?

Yes. 90 vote(s) 61.6%
No. 56 vote(s) 38.4%
  1. pff nonsense, obviously the duck is hidden in plain sight ;)

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  2. I checked the picture on the first page to confirm that the glasses weren't actually on there. :rolleyes:
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  3. Here's an extremely tough to see one. But have a go! :)
  4. Been to Dover? Nice :)

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  5. Yup! Thanks for guessing, but it's not right there.
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  6. It it would have been visible all the way there the ducky would've had to be as big as a man. :D
  7. Thanks for your guesses! :) As this one is frankly too hard (I couldn't tell when I took it, as the sun was so bright that it was hardly possible to see my iPad's screen, so I thought that that was why it seemed so difficult), I will release the hint tomorrow. :)
  8. (hey, the eight spoilers turned into four spoilers)
    The picture didn't load at first, so I thought none of the spoilers actually had anything in it. :p

    Thanks for guessing, but it's not there!
  9. I have never participated in this before, haha. But seems fun! I doubt this is it, but I figured it was worth giving a shot P:

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  10. Well, especially considering your opening sentence... I'm surprised! That's it!
    Well done. :D
    The hint would've been "Yellow flowers".

    Thanks for taking another guess, Tower. :) The 5 CP go to JohnKid, though! And as he wasn't yet on the leaderboards, I added him to it. :) (@John: CP is a system I created for my YouTube channel and also use on EMC, where people can get rewards for participation. For example, Rhythmically from EMC got over 100 CP by participating in my forum games and answering questions on my YouTube channel, and for the past few months I have been practising a piano performance requested by him :))
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  11. I wasn't very trusting of my eyes, then. I wasn't expecting to get it :eek: Haha. Awesome though :D And cool! sounds like a fun reward system then!
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  12. GG JohnKid..

    It's funny cause I saw that but I thought it was part of the gravel road showing through the flowers..
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  13. Three more from England are left. :)

    Here's one big old tree!
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  14. How about here? :)

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  15. It is not there!
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