[FEEDBACK] New Tutorial Quiz Questions

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  1. A new tutorial set-up is on the way :)
    It's long been known that our tutorial was lacking some real quiz material that has more than a yes/no answer. With the use of chickeneer's coding skills, we'll have that possibility to present the questions in an easy to read and navigate system.

    Please use the following form to submit questions for the new tutorial quiz system and think about the following:
    • What should new players know BEFORE starting vs what can they learn while in the process of playing?
    • What rules do new players still have trouble following?
    • Is it important to all players to understand in order to play?
    • Will it be somewhat easy for the player to find the answer to the question? (we don't want them searching for extremely detailed specifics)
    • Anything else you can think will make a difference for our new players to know and make them excited to be a part of EMC?
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  2. This will be good
    Means less griefing and stealing:)
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  3. Wow! Its been two years since I've done the tutorial!
  4. I may have to go back through the tutorial, it's been so long since I've been there!
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  5. I'll definitely be sending some stuff in.

    Remember guys: you can use /tutorial to re-do the whole thing. And while you're at it you might also want to look out for eastern eggs (hidden buttons): these get you cool extra stuff.

    If you need to leave the tutorial then no worries, unlike new players you can use: /town to teleport out, after that you can be on your way using /home and such.

    Krysyy: maybe an idea to add to the OP? How players can re-visit the tutorial?


    Suggestion: Let a group of selected players test the tutorial when it's semi-completed. This may help you guys to find oddities and such before actually replacing the current one. Of course they should keep things secretive, but I'm sure that shouldn't be too much of a problem.
  6. That's what the Build Team is for =)

    And I'd rather people submit questions based off of thought rather than re-visiting the old tutorial. We might find that what you guys think should be in the tutorial is already there.
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  7. I suggested the wait time between advertising your shops, and where you have to be in order to TP back to town while in the wild and wastelands. :)
  8. For any future suggestions, don't forget I need the correct answer and 3 wrong ones. Your submissions had 1 correct and 2 wrong.
  9. Sorry. It's a known fact that I can't count. :p
  10. I suggested two questions differentiating between what the wild/frontier is used for and what the wastelands are used for as it can be confusing when you first join. I always see new people either asking where to go to get materials or attempting to mine in the frontier and this should hopefully help that
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  11. The new wilderness outpost builds for the expansion also have a reminder about this :)
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  12. There should only be one exit at the end (not counting the extra information room). Players that rush through the tutorial may go through the wilderness portal at the end, and they are likely not going to stay on EMC because they never knew the town existed. It would be better if adventurous players learned about the frontier and the wastelands later.
  13. Can't wait ^'^
  14. I would like a list of all the enraged mobs and drops in a special section on custom mobs. Can't wait until the new tutorial is out!
  15. One thing i find kinda annoying about new players (not saying the player is annoying) but they price there shops to high i think it needs to be made clearer that people can do /v +shop and such to find out prices on items and that /shop is super expensive prices to stop inflation
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  16. wrong
  17. Personally, the one thing that was hard to grasp for me when I started was the teleporting commands and player settings. I feel that should be addressed a bit more. :)
  18. I was thinking that it might be good to do a how to on using chat that in interactive...if possible. I don't code, so I don't know if this is possible. But something where you get instructed to type something to learn how to switch chat types with an explanation of what each type is for.