[FEEDBACK] New Tutorial Quiz Questions

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  1. soz 4 late response.

    thought about that, but there's a prob b/c things change. we dont know if this trade might be perfectly legit someday, economy changes pretty fast sometimes.

    so im not 2 sure if u can add questions. maybe like u said: regular item vs soulbound item. hmm, im not good at this :)

    i doubt that. if u enter the waste or frontier the first u see are warnings: griefing = ban. kinda hard 2 miss i think.
  2. But some crucial information is said in the tutorial and if it is not there then people can do the wrong things
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  3. Then just add those crucial things to he no griefing message
  4. Not as simple as that. The tutorial is much more efficient for easily getting information across in an intuitive and less "in your face block of text" sort of way. You're still here so you must have done it - it's not the end of the world to get a few tips, tricks and helpers to start you off ;)
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  5. I had a few friends join within the last week and they both liked the tutorial. I didn't expect them to read everything, either, but they did. :)