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  1. When you are so excited to get your EMC fix....sign on, wish ev1 a hello and God Bless.............SHUNNED :( Yeah have no words at the moment as EMC is my saving grace away from my crappy life.........
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  2. you violated rule 7 by bringing that into chat. noone shunned you they asked to keep your beliefs to yourself, which is also a emc rule
  3. You don't have to be so hostile... :/
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  4. just stating what happened
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  5. Having not been there I obviously can't (and won't) comment on it, other than...

    Keep 2 things well in mind. Talking in Minecraft and on the forums is done through writing. And writing is a horrible way to express yourself. Meaning so much that even a friendly meant comment can easily be picked up as more hostile than it was actually meant to be. And a good example of that can be seen right above my post. Its one of the reasons smileys were invented, but even those can only get you so far.

    SO my first advice is really to try and not let things get to you too much (easier said than done, I know).

    Second... Hopefully not needed but still a useful tool if things get too annoying: /ignore. If there is a player you really can't seem to get along with then the best remedy is to /ignore them. Of course you can't /ignore staff (nor should you) but yeah, other than that it can help makes things easier on you. If there was staff involved then... keep in mind that they're not out to get you personally, they're here to make sure that we can all enjoy our game and get along a bit.

    Which brings me to my last tip... /invite + /ch g. That allows you to easily chat amongst yourselves, even if some of your friends are not a supporter and far out in the wastelands. And that will also make sure that other players can't take any offense to whatever it is you're talking about. /ch g switches your default chat channel to group chat, /ch t switches back to town chat. This works for all channels (t, g, l, r, etc.).

    Hope this helps... Don't let one incident get to you. Stuff happens, learn from it and move on. Its really the best you can do.
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  6. Rule 7 section 2
    I warned you to keep Religions out of chats, was not shunning you.
  7. I took no offense from what IamGodzChild2 said and don't feel it was rude at all to greet us the way she did. It certainly wasn't intended as rude.

    The second part of Rule 7 says that "It is best to keep these topics out of Chat." in regard to religion. "It is best to" sounds more like a suggestion than a command to me and saying "God Bless" is a declaration rather than a topic anyway.

    I don't see any way to interpret what she said as anything but wishing us well or saying hello in her own way. It is no different than saying "I hope you're doing well", "Good evening", or like saying "Gesundheit" or "Bless you" when someone sneezes.

    Prior to IamGodzChild2 logging in I saw talk about eating placentas, sacrificing sheep to Satan, and references to adult "toy stores". I see borderline chat often on our server and I think it's rare that anyone gets corrected on it. Personally I am ok with it, but If we're going to take offense at a simple "God bless" then we need to be fair and start reporting some of the other things that are being said.

    If anything broke Rule 7 it was the way she was treated after she logged in.

    IamGodzChild2: good evening everyone!! <3 And God Bless You!! :)
    PlayerWho'sBeenTalkingToHimSelfUsing4Ats_2: Please keep religion out of town chats thanks
    PlayerWho'sBeenTalkingToHimSelfUsing4Ats: Please keep religion out of town chats thanks
    PlayerWho'sBeenTalkingToHimSelfUsing4Ats: A fair warning...
    IamGodzChild2: I am so sorry if I affended anyone :(
    IamGodzChild2 has disconnected.
    PlayerWho'sBeenTalkingToHimSelfUsing4Ats: Dang it I was chatting something...
    PlayerWho'sBeenTalkingToHimSelfUsing4Ats_2: you done goofed
    PlayerWho'sBeenTalkingToHimSelfUsing4Ats_1: you really done goofed
    PlayerWho'sBeenTalkingToHimSelfUsing4Ats_AnotherOne: your a idiot to be blunt to you XXXX
    PlayerWho'sBeenTalkingToHimSelfUsing4Ats: Hmm, my peers seems that I need to appoligise to that person
    PlayerWho'sBeenTalkingToHimSelfUsing4Ats_AnotherOne: You freaking better
    PlayerWho'sBeenTalkingToHimSelfUsing4Ats_1: Or we will be the ones who control you
    PlayerWho'sBeenTalkingToHimSelfUsing4Ats_2: *We
    PlayerWho'sBeenTalkingToHimSelfUsing4Ats_2: Drat...
    PlayerWho'sBeenTalkingToHimSelfUsing4Ats_2: She left
    PlayerWho'sBeenTalkingToHimSelfUsing4Ats: Wait she did?
    PlayerWho'sBeenTalkingToHimSelfUsing4Ats_1: Oh man I am going to report you so hard for being rude
    PlayerWho'sBeenTalkingToHimSelfUsing4Ats_AnotherOne: you better not or the whole clan will go with him

    Everyone gave the player who called himself an idiot a pass. Surely we can accept someone trying to express well wishes on us and not beat them up for it.
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  8. I will admit that was me, I was going to go into more of the rule but she left and I was angry at myself for tabbing up chats saying the same thing on my main account.

    It's totally cool to have your own religion/beliefs but in the past I have seen what religious talks can turn into. Let me tell you they aren't pretty and emotionally scared from it. I don't want it in the chats period and I might be stricter enforcing those rules.
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  9. Geesh. I spent all that time editing that too...

    My reaction was shock. The second part of Rule 7 is worded as a recommendation meant to avoid arguments rather than a commandment not to use certain words. Without explaining more you basically were threatening to report her for saying "Hello. I hope you're feeling well".
  10. It leaves it to interpretation of when it goes to far. Before my alts, I was a little annoyed when I got a book about "Believe and love in him" by the same person in my love crate. I went on a little rant on smp8...
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  11. ShelLuser's advice of using /ignore probably would have worked wonderfully for you tonight.

    I think if we are going to let this pass on our server:

    [22:00:17] [CHAT] T Player1: ok well if ur water breaks what u need to do is draw a pentagram on the floor in sheeps blood
    [22:00:28] [CHAT] T Player2: hahaha
    [22:00:40] [CHAT] BlueDoesPvp has disconnected.
    [22:00:41] [CHAT] T Player1: and make a sacrifice to our lord satan in order to receive his blessing
    [22:01:02] [CHAT] T Player1: so that u can give birth to a healthy child in this coming new age of Actual Hell On Earth (tm)
    [22:06:16] [CHAT] T Player1: hail satan
    [22:09:11] [CHAT] T Player3: lmao
    [22:09:19] [CHAT] Player3 has disconnected.
    [22:09:21] [CHAT] T • Player4: :confused:
    [22:09:36] [CHAT] T Player5: *shrugs*

    Then surely we can tolerate a God bless every once in a while.

    The way IamGodzChild2 was treated tonight over simply saying "Hi" in her own way was unfair and hypocritical. I feel bad for her but don't seem to be able to get my point across and I apologize for that.
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  12. Yeah that should of been my executive decision, but mind you it wasn't chat that set me off. I told you, a book was given to me as a Valentines day gift crate. [Mind you it was the same person] It went on that there is one for you and he is up above. "Believe and worship him!" was the ending sentence.

    I don't mind talking about religion but when it presses others to "Believe and worship him" I am sure to dispute it as a act of being Rude.
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  13. Here's another command you might find handy:

    /dispose - opens a chest interface with the ability to drop items in it for permanent disposal.
    • Shortcut: /trash
    Example: /trash
  14. Hello! I hope you're having a great day :)

    I'm very sorry to hear what happened when you signed in. Saying "god bless" when you connect to a server is still the kind of friendliness we enjoy in the community. No matter the religious connotations, you're wishing goodness upon someone else and that is not something to cite Rule 7 over. To anyone involved who may be reading this, please try and remember this :)
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  15. I was not present, and most likely do not fully understand the situation.

    I am sort of a "closeted" atheist, being that in a very religious town I've been abused by colleagues as result of my beliefs. However, I personally don't see a problem in the use of the statement of "God bless". Whether you believe in a higher power or not, the phrase is meant as a kind gesture, which is said with the heart in the right place. However, it is how either party reacts afterwards that determines whether there's a problem or not. Don't be upset by someone sharing a difference in belief (this goes both ways).
  16. Sometimes we tend to overreact to things when we carry strong beliefs. Everyone does it now and again. But we have to be cautious in how we react based on our beliefs. We could spend plenty of time arguing over intent and nitpick rules. But the reality is that she used a colloquial phrase that was only slightly laced with religion, intent on being social in a way she is comfortable with, and immediately retracted herself when she was scolded. That doesn't quite seem the picture that is being painted in this thread. Also, it seems to me that responses to her are borderline spam, but Im sure noone wants to see punishment for that getting dished out. Maybe, just maybe, instead of feeling threatened at the mere presence of religion, we could all say "Hey, that happened, and we were all a bit at fault. How can me move past it?" in the name of positivity? Much love to all.
  17. Pardon for a second message, another long one (I feel quite strongly about this), but now that I know what really happened I can fully comment on it. I still stand by what I said above, especially the /ignore part in this case, but having that out of the way...

    This is just me, but in my opinion some anonymous player owes you an apology. Same as Alex said above.

    On the Empire everyone helps to keep chat friendly but sometimes you can run into players who overdo it. It happens, this is really not much different from real life. I'm also one of those players who sometimes likes to inform people about the rules and to keep chat friendly. True & honest story: There have been dozens of situations where I was actually warning players who were warning other players. For the simple reason that some players overdo it. You know: a person makes 1 mistake, then gets 20 responses with "you shouldn't do that" which, when all added up, could be considered spam in itself.

    Also: some people are not familiar with the word "moderation". Some things shouldn't be overdone, but are perfectly fine when done within moderation.

    Finally.... you're not alone here. First of all you have already attracted quite a group of players who stand by you (see above) but I'd also like to point your attention to something else in case you haven't seen this already...

    On SMP2 there is a player who I consider to be a friend of mine (even though we don't chat that much) and the name I know him as (he changed it) is: OreoTheChristian. He even went so far as to build himself a church on SMP2 (the Church of the Open Door) and holds (or held) services there. He even, -sporadically-, advertised in economy or town chat and none of us took any offense to that. He wasn't spamming, he wasn't preaching (forgive the expression) but he was simply hosting an event.

    Just to be perfectly honest and open here: I am not religious myself and I also think that the chat rule about keeping religion and politics (don't forget their a pair!) out of the public chat is an important one. But I also strongly belief that there should be room for everyone to express themselves, as long as they're not overdoing it.

    And you have done nothing wrong here, and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise (also see Alex' post up there, he's actually a staff member and someone who enforces these rules).

    Most of all: do not let one negative experience ruin your EMC fun.
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  18. Yes I then apologized for offending anyone...and they then said it again to me...so I left, as my feelings were hurt. I have also never had a problem before...again I am very sorry for offending anyone. :(
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  19. Thank you, yes it does. :) I will just keep to myself is all. Again thank you :)
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