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  1. Hello everyone!

    My name is OreoTheChristian and I have a church on smp2 at /v 4247 at 8:00 pm emc time.

    The Church of the Open Door will be hopefully very soon be open again! I've just been so busy and kinda depressed but I think I'm ready to reopen and preach again! Around school time is when I will start because then I will kinda be on a schedule so expect more updates, and more seroms too. Also I will try and have the sermons at a good times for people so let me know when are some good times to do them. I'm very sorry for no updates as I was just too busy. Thanks to those who have been praying for me as it really did help! I hope to see all of you guys soon!

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  2. I am not a fan of churches as I have been banned from them in real life just coz who I am. I really wished they made a new bible as the world is the same it was when it was made and our cauture has changed so much. Also there was one a while ago that started drama as there was talk about people like me going to hell just for being my self.
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  3. This isn't the place... It's in "Products, Business, and Services". We don't need another religious debate thread.
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  4. That's not what we talk about at this church, we are the Church of the Open Doors and our doors are open because we accept new ideas and beliefs. We would never say things like that, and if so they would instantly be reported to a mod. Sorry that, that happened to you, some people just think that just because you aren't exactly like me you'll go to hell, which is NOT true by any means! So people believe different as you have seen, and I'm very sorry, but there will never be such talk at GOD'S Church of the Open Door, I do not take credit for what God ask me to do, it's all in His plan. As Dragonhawk said this is not the place for this.
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  5. No serome tonight though.... Don't have anything planned XD
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  6. I'm pretty sure that it is illegal in the U.S. to do that because of LGBT rights and whatnot. >.>
    Don't worry finch, if it means anything I don't agree with whoever was saying such things. =P

    I do plan to show up to one of these eventually xD
  7. From my experience, no matter how much you warn them, it's going to happen anyway.
  8. I was not starting a debate, but the truth.
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  9. That's sparking a debate.
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  10. Ok, guys enough! This was about the church reopening not a debate. If you really need to start a private conversation about it if need be, or post in another thread. Thank you
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  11. In the future, please maintain one thread instead of the 8-9 which I have now locked :) I have also moved this one to the appropriate forum
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