[EVENT] Sand Sculpture Extravaganza!

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  1. Does the floor we build it on have to be sand/red sand?
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  2. Pretty sure it is only the structure that needs to be made of sand. But if you want to add to the theme by having a proper environment (like a temple in the middle of a jungle) I think that fits in the rules they gave us. It wouldn't make much sense if they made it against the rules to have different platforms.
  3. The only thing that will be judged is a maximum of 60 * 60 * 256 area with sand and/or red sand ONLY! ALL other blocks will be removed from judging area to not influence the judging process. This is a sand competition. Not a jungle temple and not lake or other water source.

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  4. What about gravel, it's basically fat sand?
    <Runs and hides from the wrath of the dragon>

    Seriously I am thinking of some ideas. Do I make a humorous build with zero chance to win or try my best and still not win?
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  5. Why not both?
  6. i think this event is really cool. im trying out some ideas and its a really fun way 2 build.

    lol, i just remembered that 60x60 is basically a whole res ^.^ so if ur really devoted u could turn ur whole res into a sculpture (i might try ^.^) :)
  7. Cool this event sounds fun
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  8. I started mine already. Can I use Armor Stands?

    This is not a block, this is an entity.
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  9. I get that you all are being detailed, but if the contest is a SAND sculpture contest, I'm pretty sure armor stands aren't a type of sand...I shouldn't need to list no entities, etc.
  10. So hypothetical question...
    A person originally bought an alt account and used it as such for a long time, but recently they got a family member got into emc and have been letting them play on the once alt account... would they be eligible to enter as a separate entity if it could be proven somehow...or would they have to break down and get their own account in order to build something and submit it?
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  11. You would need to message me privately to discuss the registration of the account as a separate person for the event.
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  12. ah alright. i'll double check with my niece over the weekend and see if she is absolutely sure about the contest. and if she is then shoot you a pm on it
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  13. How about, soul sand? Haha, jk. I just finished the main bulk of my entry and it was a lot of fun trying to build with the constraints of no roof, doorways, tunnels; but I'm really happy with the result.
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  14. So... no Armor Stands :( guess i have to /kill @e

    That's bad. I worked on those guys for ages!
  15. And BTW armor stands are effected by gravity
  16. commands can make them not
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  17. That's irrelevant. :p Most entities are. The point is you can only use sand. And red sand.
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  18. Yes. Also, gravel, concrete powder, and anvils are solid blocks affected by gravity, but aren't in the contest.
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  19. Don't forget your dragon eggs... :p
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  20. Firefloor with dragon eggs, hmm....
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