[Event] Online Graduation

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  1. Yes!! I love, love, love this!!! and you betcha Impulsive_Egg.. I am that parent also!! :love: :<3:
    spitfyre and I will both try and be there for it. Picking her up from college this weekend. =]
  2. Very cool idea! I'm hoping to be there. :)
    I assume college graduates are encouraged to apply, too? :p
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  3. College = University
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  4. Huh, then where do you go if you want to get an office job, and not do research? University anyway? :p
    And how about potential people graduating for technician, plumber, hairdresser et cetera? They should be recognised too. :)
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  5. At this point, you're splitting hairs. If someone wants to say that they are graduating and would like to be recognized in this event, then they can put in their information. It's not like we're requiring proof of degree anyway. This isn't about excluding anyone, it's simply about trying to do something nice for the community.
  6. This is such an amazing idea, a lot of my friends are graduating this year!
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  7. So 11 am Central, I will do my best to be there. Grats all!
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  8. so the bird sanctuary is graduating ( nice build!)
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  9. Congrats grads!
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  10. That is absolutely amazing. Why is it not green though :O
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  11. looking forward to this !
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  12. This is JUST what I needed, the option to fail all over AGAIN! :D

    ok, ok, ok: sorry, sorry... I didn't read any of the details but I am going to share a secret (sorta) with ya guys and that's that I indeed had issues with my studies. Back in the days. In the 90's I wanted to study software development, programming, computer maintenance and something I forgot. Yah, instead I got the option to study WordPerfect 5.1 (how to use it), Lotus 1-2-3 (without any way to learn about the macro's!!) but in all fairness we did get some "programming" within dBase III and IV. Looking back I'd call that scripting but.. ey ;)

    I did get lucky and had the option to specialize myself into Novell Systems administration (NM1) but it didn't help that Novell was already on its return ;)

    So here I am.... I had good jobs, worked my way up to manager, started a business of my own, got hired by my origin business, broke up with them and sued them (also won, though... that was a loss for us all), got hired (privately) with other company, took over assets from $other_company and went all in, lost some to bigger companies and then had a major specific deal which worked out.

    Dumped a ton on the stock market, got a solid profit, was happy and here we are.

    So the moral of this story: screw education, go free!!!!!

    ok, ok, ok... you got the good part, you're also gonna get the bad part.

    Yes, I often thought the above, and sometimes I still do (not having worked for a couple of years now). Thing is though... oh don't I know and remember how boring it sounds: education is important, yaddah, yaddah, yah. Yes, learning about stuff which you will never use again is important!

    I said I was going to be honest, and I always do what I promise.

    So this may not be a popular comment: no, you guys are right. Learning about stuff which you're 120% sure you're never going to use is not fun and could be some waste of time.

    .... and it is still very important o.(o)

    Not necessarily because of that specific subject but everything you can learn "around" it or from it. I hated chemistry, boooring. I did learn how salt was created, I also learned about potential energy and when my stock broker (= the party which I paid to buy/sell my stocks for me) came up to me with an offer that.... where do I even begin in a safe way for energy... "calcium hydrochloride" (= Dutch name). I think the English name is... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calcium_hypochlorite (disclaimer: I could be screwing up my details, but the jist of my post is 100% true).

    And I did... I meant: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sodium_chloride

    See sodium is a very "high energy" kind of material. It can release a serious amount of energy, that part is true, but... how does it get that amount of energy?

    So when someone approached me with a nice story about this cool product which was high with energy potential I already knew enough to show them the door. Investing? Please learn the phrase AEX and then (maybe then) we'll talk.

    Yah, I'm not going to tell you how education can help you be more successful in real life. I'd like to share how much it can pay off to know about general common facts, because if you do know about those then you seriously reduce your chances of getting scammed.

    I had some math skills, never used them intensively until I dove into the stock exchange. And even then I used a minor subset. The real thing though... everything around it became important.

    My point here... (sorry, at this point in time I know I can elaborate until it makes less sense) :)

    The point: education may sound boring, when looking at its details ("I have to take that subject but I don't want to, won't even need it") it may even seem pointless and yes: even when looking back after 20 - 30 years it may turn out to BE useless.

    But never underestimate the importance of all the extra stuff you may pick up next to your major subjects in return. Graduation, the road at the very least, is important. Even if you may not think this way right now.

    </shell vent>

    Disclaimer: I apologize for not reading past the title and the first paragraphs and I also sincerely hope I'm not overdoing it. But... yah, I felt like this.
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  13. I'm going to pretend that this is a commencement speech. 10/10 for realism

  14. what a good boi
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  15. Hey all! Just wanted to let you know that I will be recording the ceremony for those who are unable to attend! Will post the link for playback afterwards! Will update further as need be :)
  16. I'm putting this on my phones calendar to remind me. I can't miss this unique event.