[Event] Online Graduation

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  1. May 23, 2020 @ 12 pm
    With quarantine, many graduating students are not able to attend a real-life ceremony.
    We would like to celebrate all the High School and University graduates here on EMC!

    Students graduating High School or University

    Fill out the form to have your achievement addressed during the event.

    By doing so you will receive the following (by hand if present, by mail if not):

    A mortarboard and diploma with your username!
    Note these are normal, renamed items ... not promos.

    Games server
    23 May 2020
    12 PM EMC Time

    All may attend!

    Graduating students are encouraged, but not required, to dress up their skins with graduation robes.
  2. Super excited for this :love: :<3:
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  3. Love this! I will try to make it for sure :D

    Congratulations to all of our wonderful graduates out there. :)
  4. I should make it too :p

    *inserts pomp and circumstance*
  5. I'll be there!!!

    EDIT: not graduating but I'll be there as the really really proud parent who screams THAT'S MY BABY when your name gets called and you walk across the stage.
  6. Omg I’m totally registering for this - #GraduateInAugust
  7. What an awesome idea! I should be there.
  8. So cool will definitely make it to support the graduates
  9. I'm not graduating, but I'll be there to support everybody who is! It's a bummer that many aren't able to have an irl ceremony. Hopefully this helps ease the disappointment a bit!
  10. Hahahahaha THE_OP_VILLAGER will definitely be there. He's graduating top of his class in Clown College
  11. I hope to be there as well, a very important achievement for so many!
  12. Awh, this is such a great idea! Won't be able to make it though. But congrats to all those graduates! <3
  13. *all the collectors on EMC * "I MUST HAVE IT!" *signs up for college for just a few days in order to graduate and collect the items* *meanwhile other collectors* "ill give you 1 million rupees for them!" :p lol
  14. The items are renamed normally and any player could make their own if they wanted. #theeasyway
  15. I finished my degree last September and unfortunately my graduation ceremony (scheduled for July) was cancelled :( Looking forward to getting together and celebrating everyone's achievements :D
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  16. Yo this is really cool of yall to do #faithinhumanityrestored
  17. :)Congrats fellow students graduating :)
  18. Love this! Congrats to all on your hard work and accomplishments!!! Woot woot Class of 2020!!!
  19. I love this idea. Thankfully, I missed this whole fiasco by a year, but my brother wasn't so lucky. We had a virtual graduation ceremony for him this past Saturday. I'll try to be there! :)