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  1. I officially walked the stage last Friday, I'm waiting for my diploma in the mail now. We're having an unorthodox ceremony on the 30th, but unfortunately, I don't think I'll get to go. I was tested for the virus yesterday and while the results aren't back yet, I'm in quarantine for 10 days regardless, which puts me sheltered until the day after.
    I was sad I wouldn't really get to have a graduation, but seeing this made me really happy. Thank you, everyone. This means a lot more to us than you think. I'll drag myself out of bed in the morning for this, I've registered! :D
  2. Congrats on graduating! EMC is here for you and every other graduate!
  3. They can join in too if they want, that's the main thing :)

    I think we might all have different names for educational institutions depending on where in the world we are?

    A university specifically means a tertiary institution of education and research.

    A college is an educational institution that can be secondary, tertiary or vocational.

    It seems like you are saying you think of college as meaning more an institute for vocational training? Here in New Zealand college tends to mean secondary, ie ages 13-17. I think college meaning university might be more of a US thing?

    For the EMC event none of that matters, it's open to anyone graduating with anything from any type of academic institution. I assume even clown college. :D

    Congratulations graduands!
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  4. last call for graduating students to fill out the form!
    I'll be checking it one last time a bit before the event begins
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  5. That's interesting!
    I thought university, college and vocational were all tertiary. :) To make matters worse, the Dutch word for what I thought to be 'college' in the USA is 'high school' when you literally translate it to English, while 'high school' is the American word for secondary education. xD
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  6. i'm not graduating yet but ill dress up for the occasion!!! Got my suit and tie on and have shades on cause its supposed to be sunny today.
  7. The speech I gave. If anyone wishes to re-read it. (broken up to work a bit better in game)

    Good day to everyone. I am greatly honored to have been asked to speak at today’s graduation.

    First some background information about myself. Outside of EMC, my profession is a High School Math Teacher. I graduated with a BS in Mathematics Education in 2016. And have a MS in Mathematics which I completed in 2018.

    Therefore, it is natural for me to highly value education. But today I want to speak shortly about a different type of education that I hope everyone takes advantage of! Graduates and Non-graduates alike.

    The topic today is that of being a lifelong learner. Wikipedia defines “Lifelong learning” as “the ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons.”

    An “ongoing pursuit of knowledge” reinforces that learning and understanding new things never stops. Schools may have a set curriculum for you to learn, but I would hope that you also gained the ability to learn new things which are not directly instructed at you.

    This includes the ability to read instructions, “Googling it”, or gaining new knowledge from those around you. Not necessarily from a lecture, which is often what happens in a classroom.

    Next, “voluntary pursuit of knowledge”. Whether you enjoyed school or not. You know someone that detested being in a classroom. As a lifelong learner, you are doing it because YOU want to. Not because your parents, the government, or anyone else told you to learn.

    To me, this means that you found something that you genuinely enjoy doing and enjoy learning about. For me, I enjoy programming. It is not part of my job; it is something I sought out and learned how to do. And I enjoy it.

    Next, “self-motivated pursuit of knowledge”. This extends easily from the last point. Not only is no-one making you learn. But your parents and teachers are not setting deadlines. The only one that can make something happen, Is You!

    An interesting parallel. For my undergraduate degree, I took many math classes. For one of them - the class was struggling with coming up with how to prove something. Our professor gave the following advice… (roughly)

    “To do math, you first have to start.” Yes. That answer was very cryptic and non-helpful. But it gives a great life lesson. I cannot promise that you will accomplish anything you put your mind to. But if you do not even try - you will never know what you are capable of.

    “For personal or professional reasons”. Not only do I hope you choose to learn for yourself. You may have a professional reason to want to learn. Again, not because your boss/superiors tell you. But so you can climb whatever corporate ladder your career takes you towards and be more successful.

    Finally. To those graduates here today. Graduation is usually a time of transition. Where you have accomplished great things. But you will also be starting a new phase in your life.

    Although only you can make your future success happen, that does not mean you are alone. I hope all of you have people in your life to lean on - if not, I hope that you can come to us for support.

    I wish you all good luck and best wishes to your future success! Thank you!
  8. Graduates:

  9. Excellent graduation, a final congratulations to all of you, and best of luck for a great future!

    Chickeneer's commencement speech

    Graduating Class of 2020!
  10. Congrats to the class of 2020! Such a heartwarming and unique experience on EMC today <3

    Attached below are just some images I'd like to share (in case u missed the event).

    Waiting for the ceremony in games lobby

    The two large budgies to greet the graduates at the front

    The graduate stage and chairs

    Chicken just casually killing the entire staff team during graudation

    Chicken also just lighting chairs on fire because 2020 right...

    Burger getting burgers from a burger food truck

    EMC's Class of 2020

    Thanks to the staff team and builders who put this event together! :D
  11. Congrats everyone who graduated!
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  12. Thanks for hosting such an awesome event, I had an excellent time and can't wait to take irl grad pictures (even if they won't have giant budgies :rolleyes:)

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  13. Aw, I forgot about it. :( Next time I wish to attend an event, I should put it in my agenda, I suppose! :) Thanks for the posts!
  14. I'm a day late for saying this here but Congrats to all our graduates! I'm so proud of you guys!!!
  15. Congrats to all graduates!

    And you should all be thanking the heavens that I wasn't able to make it and use that celebratory air horn I'd stashed backstage. I was ready.
  16. Don't worry, it got some use >:)
  17. Thanks, that's cool! Interesting that it was outdoors. :p
  18. It's been a good few weeks since the event took place, but surely this is something many will want to remember for years to come. Although the pandemic may have put a halt to in-person graduations, EMC students were blessed with the unique opportunity to celebrate their graduation on this wonderful server. I'm glad to present the showcase video for the Online Graduation event, premiering at 7pm EST tonight!

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