[Event] Halloween Town 2023

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by chickeneer, Oct 22, 2023.

  1. So non-supporters and iron supporters can claim an htown plot on utopia? I assumed not.
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  2. No, anyone can claim an htown plot on utopia. Utopia is THE htown funny enough.
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  3. Halloween Town 2023 10/10 love the idea!! Having fun building and trading candy!:+1:
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  4. Feeling cute, might shock someone later
  5. will ther also be like a extra event like besides the candy trading event like last year
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  6. w
    we dont know
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  7. Thank you for this event. It's nice to see something new for Halloween. Whatever the big event will be... I'm sure it'll be great, too. :)
  8. RIP. My sleep-deprived state of mind didn't see that there was a town on every SMP. I don't want one on Utopia anymore. :(
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  9. This is a question for Chickeneer. So we will lose build permissions in /htown, but will we also lose permission to access our chests on our plots? Or doors for that matter? Some people have set up shop there, it wouldn't be fair to lose chest access, I think.
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  10. People will need to take down shops... That was not intended... Though definitely a cute idea that we could create some other pop up shops in a similar way in the future.

    You will lose all access. It is fair.
  11. Sounds like it's all good until the deadline hits -- then it's move it or lose it. Like a waste reset.

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  12. This is a really cool spin on the usual trick or treating. I think it would really benefit from having a way to trade while offline, analogous to leaving a bowl of candy on your doorstep if you are not home on Halloween. It would also incentivize visiting everyone's plots and hopefully reduce the need to AFK for hours (or days). Regardless I'm looking forward to see everyone's builds. Happy Halloween!

  13. This is really a great idea Chickeneer. I can't wait to see all the creativity that's gonna come from this. =D
    Halloween is truly my favorite holiday of all time. See y'all there!

    Got a lil fox on my shoulder

    awwww.. 2 lil sleepy foxes
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  14. Do armour drop or just the candy? Maybe was just the first year.
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  15. out of curiosity why no longer have the armor drop? :p
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  16. https://imgur.com/a/CrY9Wl1

    not a picture poster but here is a try.
    Loving the HTown builds! The candy swapping is a little rough as it seems to all happen in the ALT parking lot but hey, got to gather somewhere.
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  17. You should give you dont people toxic waste bc they are also sour
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  18. Just a comment... the farming of candy in Htown kinda limits the open area of candy collection for others without lending much to the Htown appeal. As it is, mostly ALTs are at HTown standing like statues that dont trade candy, only take candy. Having ALTS is a great way to up your gains but to put them all in and on the take seems greedy like the farms that are taking over instead of Halloween builds.

    You want candy? Hit the bricks and work for it, put some hustle in! Its nice to see some interaction. Although, dont get me wrong, its nice to see ALTs instead of an empty HTown :). Just saying, this is for fun, not for a profitable moment.
  19. not correct, there's an exploit to get the armor
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