[Event] Halloween Town 2023

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  1. Gotta also remember that the user count is not that high anymore either. I brought mine on but I always tried to return the favour.

    And I agree. First thing I thought, people will farm the hell out of this :D
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  2. for this helpful bit of info and saving my precious chat lines, You will have my vote for Empire Emporer, should it ever come up :D
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  3. work in progres note this build shut be viewed from the inside and not from the out side since it was cinda tiny
    plus a armor stant will be placed and some oder heads but i need head vaulenteers if u look ther are holes efry were that go somtimes like 3 blocks deep and are somtimes like 2 pixels wide so have fun looking
    so basicly i need 2 or 3 heads from like pipel that dont give away heads alot or just cool heads or staf heads becouse they will be on the plot wen it closes so i cant cinda keep thembut it would be a flex sort of
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  4. Farms? You mean like my pumpkin patch on the SMP6 htown? I made the pumpkin patch not to farm from (I already have one on one of my normal residences) but for decoration.
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  5. No, not the pumpkin patch. That is nice and goes with the theme. I am bringing up the water squares harvesting mobs to get candy. They are a little awkward to move around, have no bearing on Halloween and are grabbing accidently dropped items. I just think they should not be doing this on a holiday event.
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  6. The Mob farms have been made obsolete. My recommendation is to replace them with something that fits the Halloween Town theme.

    Also, I was made aware of the bug where killing the halloween town mobs outside of the town border, results in the armor dropping. That was not intended, and am disappointed that people don't report bugs to me. With that being said, I will leave this bug in for the duration of the event so others have the opportunity to 'get' the armor. Not just the people who refused to report it.

    Thank you to everyone that has created awesome builds. It brings me great joy.
  7. Are you able to wipe out these armors so no one has them like intended or would that take out the OG ones as well?
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  8. Simple answer is no. Complicated answer is still no but with explanation that has the same conclusion.
  9. how long is the candy trading going for? just until halloween? or same length as the htown build contest?
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  10. Please don't forget to check the other smps for builds. Smp3 has two.
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  11. anyone know what time the trades reset?
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  12. I can see how this might be confusing. But it resets every 24 hours. You will get a notice when you enter the Halloween Town that your trades have been reset.
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  13. At the conclusion of the event. I plan to merge all SMP Halloween towns into a single town. My wishful thinking of multiple SMPs popping off was wrong, clearly.

    I will not move any before the event is over. I have to write some code to handle changing the plot ownerships.
    I may likely choose to evict someone that leaves an empty plot when moving them over, to allow those rockstars that chose and decorated a plot on another SMP to get a plot not on the outskirts.

    Again, no moving or special services will be done for this Halloween town plot before the event completion. I may be bribed by a 1 million rupee charge though into the void. But probably not, it's a busy few weeks for me.

    Also reminder, that all build and container access will be removed at the event completion.
  14. psst
  15. My build is mostly complete. It's on Utopia (/htown visit ultiPig) :)

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  16. I wound up with 2 regular gunpowders and asked public chat of it was possible I got them from a witch. Had to ask because I was afk for a while just to help trades and could have been gifted them.
    Chat people answered yes, that regular drops seemed to have happened at the border. I assumed that meant it was a known thing.

    The other thing I asked about was the interaction with a pigman jockey. An error message occurred from hitting the chicken - it wasn't home so it couldn't be harmed, or something like that.
    I didn't send a bug report about that, as it seemed protective of plot owners mobs (saw a skele horse) and it was in the event context and made sense. I could hit the pigman and the chicken died with, so it ended fine.

    One Htown seems the best plan. And there definitely needs to be a parking lot for alts to stand around in. Right around the town area next time. Otherwise... Very cool.
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  17. I saw my reset notice in chat tonight.
    Does it refer to me only or reciprocating also?
  18. Should just be one side.
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  19. Are you merging other SMPs into Utopia, and if so, are people on Utopia keeping their locations? I don't want to get rearranged off my corner plot.
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  20. You would be correct. I doubt any new outer rings would be needed
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