[Event] Halloween Town 2023

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  1. I am excited to announce a new event for EMC! Halloween Town

    A little backstory... Last year after Halloween I thought that we needed something to spice-up the candy trading event. I drew up inspiration from the Trunk-or-Treat trend which has gained popularity in recent years. I thought that it would be cool if each of our players could setup their own place to trade candy at, like in real life trunk-or-treats.

    So now enters the Halloween Town with claimable plots for you to create your own Halloween themed builds alongside your fellow EMC players. There is one of these on each SMP server (1-9 and utopia). Usually players gravitate towards one SMP when trading candy, but there may be preferred to get one of those close-up spots on your home smp server. You can trade candy on any of the servers, even if you claimed a plot on a different server.
    After the event, you will lose access to build on your plot. BUT the builds will stay publicly accessible for viewing and archived for the future! I have plans to reward the best builds. The judging criteria, prizes, etc is to be determined later. I am setting the deadline for the build contest to be November 19th. That date or shortly thereafter, build permissions will be cut-off.

    Some anticipated questions...
    • Can I unclaim/transfer/reset my plot? No, these town features are not included. If we do this again in the future, I may add more features then.
    • Will I get my blocks/items back? No, any blocks/items you contribute will become a permanent part of this Halloween Town.
    • How low/high can I build? You can build down 2 blocks and up 50 blocks from ground level.
    So how do I participate? Go to your favorite smp and type /htown. At the Halloween Town, you will find which plot you want and then claim it with /htown claim. WARNING: You can only claim one on the entirety of EMC this year so be careful to claim the one you want.

    You can allow other people to help build on your plot using /htown add <player>. Or remove them with /htown remove <player>. They will not receive any recognition in prizes at the end of the event. You can return to your own plot using /htown home. Or visit someone else's plot using /htown visit <player>.

    Candy Trading
    Candy trading has made a return. I did lower the scores required to achieve the maximum unique reward to a score of 150. All you have to do is throw candy at other players or receive a candy from another player. You can trade with each person once every 24 hours. (Mechanically, the trades reset every 24 hours for 'everyone', NOT an individual timer per-person).

    The mobs that spawn in the halloween town also more accurately drop their correct candy loot, instead of completely random candies.

    We have also brought back mob disguise to EMC town. You have been granted the /disguise command in town areas. I hope you have some fun with them. I think we fixed any issues with missing mobs from last year, let me know if your favorite common animal/monster is not available.

    Here are some commands you may find helpful in using the mob disguises!

    /disguise [mob_name] - shortcut /d ; leave blank to be sent a list of all mobs available to you.
    /undisguise - shortcut /und; to wear your normal skin.
    /viewselfdisguise - shortcut /viewselfd ; to hide the mob you are disguising as from yourself

    Final tip is that there are some special options you can set. Use /disguisehelp [mob_name] to learn more. Ex: "/d sheep setColor orange"

    This year has added two new disguises of camels and sniffers.
  2. woo TY chicken!
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  3. 🎃👻
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  4. Claimed my res on 8, can't wait to see people's creations =D

    Pro tip: use this command:
    /ps set resmessagelocation action

    if your default res message are in the chat
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  5. I hope everyone can enjoy this little update and event. PLEASE enjoy it. Don't hesitate to contact me about issues with this event. I had hoped to release it earlier in the month but life has gotten in the way. Feel free to send me a message at https://pm.emc.gs/chickeneer
  6. I setup an afk area for alts at utopia halloweentown spawn
  7. Maybe it is because I haven't participated in the couple past years events but it truely feels like you have gone all out on this. So fresh and fun appreciate the hard work you have put into making this update possible. Thank you chicken much love!!!
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  8. OH. Big note. Thanks to Progryck for putting the center spawn build together for me under a short timetable and with minimal information from me. haha. It is extremely appreciated.

    A minor note. Is that I didn't enable redstone flag for players plots. I will put out a fix but it won't apply retroactively. If your build needs redstone flag. Drop me a message and I will get it on for you.

    Already some precious builds in place. Makes me happy :)
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  9. Toil and Trouble Treat Shop on SMP5. :D

  10. The first person has claimed his htown plot on SMP6. . . .but he's going to use it for something remarkably simple.
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  11. This event sounds amazing, but i got an issue with me aussie and halloween, bc i dont know to build anything halloween themed bc we dont celebrate and i dont know much about it
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  12. google
  13. google doesnt help
  14. Are the plots 9x9?
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  15. yes
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  16. The Tower of Mild Horror is now on smp3. Happy Halloween everyone!

  17. Cool idea but this makes it sound like you have to go to every smp to trade candy. Maybe next time just do this on utopia so everyone would be in one spot.
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  18. You can trade candies on any server, even if you don't have a plot.

    I hear your suggestion though. I am definitely thinking about what to do different next year
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  19. I love a new take. I love the candy feeding frenzy every year.