[EVENT] Grabfest April 14th 2014

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  1. This Monday the 14th April 2014
    at 10pm UK time (countdown timer)
    you are invited to take part in
    at the Mob Arena SMP5 (/v mobarena)

    Grabfest what is that? Well imagine a room full of chests, each chest is full to bursting with an assortment of items. This room is off limits to all until 10pm when I give everyone access, then it's a few minutes of madness as every chest is opened and ransacked. Every player tries to grab the goodies before someone else does.
    Goodies you say! yeah goodies such as uniquely numbered piece of a pyramid hewn from my diamond block pyramid res, an undisclosed number of my heads, previous promo items and some rare mini-boss drops.
    Surely you can't fill the chests with just those goodies! You are correct, and don't call me Shirley. The chest will also contain more common but still desirable items diamonds, enchanted books, enchanted gear and weapons, mob drops, and dirt.
    Since when has dirt been desirable? When it one of many that has been given a code and is worth 1,000r to the player who finds one (must be redeemed during event).
    This sounds awesome, I am guaranteed to get nice stuff. WHOA! who said you are guaranteed to get nice stuff? The chests will also contain lots of junk (i.e. anything lying about my reses) and it is possible you may end up with nothing more than a wooden sword and a piece of string.
    I love EMC and would like to donate to the event, can I? Yes, once the earlier mob arena event is completed I will open the mob arena floor to allow donors to throw their donations and be magically collected for inclusion in the chests. I will keep the arena floor open until about 5 mins before grabfest starts. You may also donate at res 18019 on smp9.
    What item can I donate? Anything is cool but would prefer player heads and silly named items.
  2. Sounds fun can't wait :p
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  3. *Looks at chests*
    *gets scared*

    *slowly backs away*
  4. Aw, well have fun then! :)
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  5. Will there still be a MA?
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  6. Thank You!!!!
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  7. yussss UK time!
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  8. You're a genius :D
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  9. pl0x do not spam people D:

    Cannot wait!
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  10. Thanks BigDavie!! Hopefully I'll be able to attend, and donate some items. :D

    How do I go about giving away rupee vouchers from myself?
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  11. I'm guessing they're named items. That's all.
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  12. Yea, but if I name a paper redeemable for 1k rupees from QS it will be able to remade.
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  13. Hmm it might be.
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  14. Disappointed I'll have to miss
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  15. Books.
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  16. Hopefully, i'm unbanned and am actually awake by the time this starts :p

    Also... that chest gif... that was smexy.
  17. It's...
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  18. What have I created!
    p.s. It's not my GIF