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Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by Krysyy, Dec 30, 2016.

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  1. Well, it's that time of year again everyone. This is the official EMC time capsule and is not affiliated with any other time capsules from players.

    Location of capsule: /v Empire_Park@time on smp2
    This shortcut will only work when open.

    Time Capsule 2016 Opening Party: Dec 31st at 4 pm EMC time
    • Some prizes might find their way into the hands of participants *hint hint*
    • Location: /park on smp2
    • A list of players by column to help you find yours: http://timecapsulelog.emc.gs/
    Time Capsule 2017 Closes: Jan 7th at 11:59 pm EMC time
    • Each player that has a chest will have just under 1 week to move their items into place.
    • If you are unable to be online at all during this time and want to participate, message Krysyy.
    Q&A Section:
    What do I do if I have a time capsule from 2016 that I want to pick up, but I cannot be there for the opening?
    • Message Krysyy at pmcm.emc.gs and she will pull the items from the chest and set them aside for pickup at a later date.
    What do I do if I have a time capsule from 2016 that I want to combine with more items for a 2017 time capsule?
    • No problem. Bring your new items to add and you can re-use the same chest. Pm Krysyy if you cannot be present.
    What do I do if I didn't participate in the time capsule from 2016 and I want to participate this year?
    • If you want a chest of your own at the time capsule, then message Krysyy.
    • Bring some items, books, or anything really that you want to lock away for a year. Last year, we had a lot of players store promo items from the past in their chests along with books about how things were on the server, their friends, etc. All of these are really great ideas to get you started. .
    • Anything that you put in will be locked until the end of 2017, so choose wisely.
    How many chests do we get?
    • Each player gets one single chest, if requested. A double chest is NOT provided this year.
    Any other questions?
    • Ask in the comments. The graphic above was made by Alex, but he was sleeping by the time I realized we used the wrong year, so edit to 2017 done by me ;)
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  2. 1st
    Lol I'm putting all of my rare promos in there
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  3. Alrighty. I have no idea what I put in my chest (I hope it is my Diamond Block of Clickyness I unfairly won, otherwise I have no idea where I put it) and I am a bit excited.
  4. This is soo cool. Sadly I probably won't be doing it lol

    Love the graphics by the way.. the crossed out 2016 is perfect.. ;)
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  5. gonna stick an aikar head in there :)
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  6. Wow fancy :excited:
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  7. I'm going to shove some stuff in there, that's all I know.
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  8. I totally forgot about this :eek: will it be okay to put shulker boxes in the capsule?
  9. They are normal chests that have nothing to do with code. So yes, you'll be fine to do that.
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  10. Do I have to pick up my items from the 2016 chest during the opening party or can I also pick it up later?
  11. I would have just crossed out the 6 :p
  12. I used to have one, but then my greedy 13 year old self sold it.
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  13. Hmm I think I have a few mineral mincers from last year, can't wait to see what I wrote mah self ;)
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  14. Can't remember if I did the capsule last year. Guess I'll find out.
  15. I have one from last year, idk if its under my name or my alt's so we'll have to see :p
    About the chest opening, I am not 100% sure I will be on at that time tomorrow but there is a possibility (70%) I will be on. Later today if I find out something I'll post it here if I can attend or not =3

    EDIT: I will be able to make it :D
  16. Edit: read it wrong. :)

    Would love for event heads up. Not at home and unable to visit. Darn. Good luck and hope to throw some good stuff into the capsule.
  17. I am hyped for the new year and the capsule event again ;)
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  18. This is going to be awesome, one of the few events I'm seriously looking out for!

    And thank you for moving the time of the event forward a bit (I think at least). I still recall last year: I was so driven to be present (and I was!) that I lost some serious sleep. Heck, I recall even giving Krysyy a chest (and PM'ing her that I could get more from my storage if needed) because I had this strange idea that she asked me for a chest. Yeah, those are good signs that it's time to get some sleep :)

    The capsule will be opened until the 7th of January so there will be plenty of time for us Dutchies to sort out our stuff. BUT... If you can make it then you should seriously consider being present during the opening event. That's always something special!

    (edit): If you want to clear out your chest (remove it) then you should obviously follow Krysyy's advice above.
  19. Yeah, I really want to make it, and I technically can, but if my family wants me to be with them, I'll have no choice but to call off.

    Begging mode activate :D
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