[Event] Easter Wonderland Egg Hunt

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  1. Fun and enjoyable event, thank you. I hardly screamed in agony when I was in the maze :) ;)
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  2. Well... Aya and me visited but I guess this isn't for me... I really enjoyed looking at the buildings and the way the whole thing was made, the whole area looks gorgeous and even that is an understatement in itself. It was very refreshing to see how the build team has made full use of all the new blocks we got since 1.12.

    However, having said that, I also think it's fair to say that good looks don't necessarily create good gameplay. It's basically "here you are, go look for 5 items" while you don't even learn what exactly you're looking for. Am I looking for blocks which represent eggs, am I looking for actual items in a chest somewhere, do I need to 'do' something to get these items? So you simply walk around trying a few things out (quickly learning that you can't open chests, can't push buttons so basically you can't interact with the world) which then makes me think that you simply need to reach certain places...

    Yah.. maybe I'm too impatient but after having entered a few buildings and climbed some without finding anything (not even a clue) things got (too) boring for me. Sure, I could try and climb that next building, but after 3 or so earlier attempts it's not really motivating anymore because I'm kinda sure that once again I won't find anything. And then you get that weird feeling to be looking for a needle in a haystack ;)

    IMO this could have been better with a little more clues scattered around. At least make it more obvious what we're supposed to be looking for, if it wasn't for players who shared some screenshots in this thread which showed items in their inventory you wouldn't have known this part, and I don't think that's a good starting experience.

    I can definitely see that this might be easier in a group but not everyone will do that.

    But me not really enjoying the gameplay doesn't take anything away from all the amazing effort that went into this. Like I said before the area itself looks magnificent; it's a seriously impressive build you got there.
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  3. Some people did run straight past the 'example' egg found within barely 10 steps of the spawn. That's why I made sure the OP of the announcement post gave a picture of all color you are looking for. Nevertheless, every event will not be for everyone. Some people enjoy the simple and others, not so much. We went with a simple concept for this Easter because we really didn't know how far along with an update, etc we might be for it and wanted minimal risk that the update would affect it.

    Just a little fyi.
  4. Since they haven't been released yet, is it too much to request that the Rabbit's Pocket Watch be usable in the off-hand. It would nice to be able to use it with a sword in hand and not constantly have to swap them.
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  5. Intentionally designed that way so not for this item. You don't see the rabbit running around with a sword πŸ˜›
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  6. Are you sure? ;)

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  7. I see a rabbit standing with a sword, not running πŸ˜›
    It's like running with scissors...
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  8. Pffftt, who needs eyeballs anyways?! :D
  9. .. and I do believe that's Peter Rabbit, is it not? ;)
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  10. I don't recall Peter ever wielding a sword. Don't think he was good at keeping track of time either :D
  11. Ah yes, you are quite right Raaynn.. this picture if from a book, The Wreck & Rise of Whitson Mariner by S. D. Smith. Looks intriguing.. may have to give it a read. =D
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  12. I would like to have you know that I have a sword in my 1st hotbar slot and I also know the time perfectly well. For example, I'm pretty sure it's now close to "let's run the heck away!" time :D
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  13. I'm certain you meant "let's hop the heck away!" time... which as I inferred anyway, is not a real measure of time Peter.
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  14. To bad the promo thing doesn’t work in off hand :/
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  15. Hello Everyone,
    Question.. Is the Easter Event over??

    Cool build by the way!!!
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  16. It's open until tomorrow. :)
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  17. i believe this is closing today, if anyone hasn't had time to do the event shoot me PM on the forums or in game, happy to help you as little or as much as you want :)
  18. when will the promos be handed out
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  19. Now that the lighting fixes are done and we're not being pulled for as much else, we will be sending them out by the end of this week.