[Event] Easter Wonderland Egg Hunt

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  1. Thanks for Build team for building this Awesome Map :)
  2. All prizes have been sent out vial mail. If you did not receive one and believe that you should have, please message me directly.
  3. Congratulation on the prize choice - it's perfect!
    Please tell us who came up with the idea so we can congratulate personally :)
  4. Almost all of these items are created through joint efforts. I believe this one was me and MoreMoople going back and forth, as they were the lead builder for the Easter build this year so I worked with them on it. However, input is gathered by conversation, etc with other build team members and staff even, especially if it involves an effect. The smallest comment can create a spark of inspiration.

    So it's overall a team effort. 😊
  5. There is a bug where if you equip the Pocket Watch and Turkey Trotters at the same time, then unequip one of them, the remaining one will lose it's effect, putting you back at no boost at all, even though you have the remaining one still equipped.
    Also, their effects should be cumulative like it is with potions or beacons. Right now the speed boost stays at 30% after you add the second item. I tried it with the Padded Fur Boots also, with the same result.
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  6. Effects aren't cumulative. Will have devs look at first part.
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