[Event] Easter Wonderland Egg Hunt

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  1. Super secret stuff :eek: The most secret of the secretest stuff!
  2. Having a carrot eating party... :D

  3. happy easter everyone
  4. Happy Easter!
    As always, great job on the event! Thank You!:D
  5. "Did you see the size of that Rabbit!"
  6. Also loved the design! Took some screenshots of the place to build memories :D
  7. I'm late!

    I love the build you guys made, very well done! It really does trigger the good memories of me watching Alice in Wonderland for the first time. :)
  8. Happy Easter Everyone and this looks amazing!!
  9. Happy Easter everyone !! Place looks amazing and hunting down the eggs wasn't as simple as I thought it might be. Good job !!
  10. beautiful build! super clever event since none of us can actually do easter egg hunts this year :(
  11. Wow.. I am in such awe of the Build Team. They never, ever cease to amaze me with their creativity.

    Build Team, you get a standing ovation from me. Just when I think you can't top This build.. well there you go again and to be honest.. it's not really so much topping it as it is giving us one more thing to explore and enjoy with a wonderfully creative way of painting that pic with some blocks. I just can't tell you how much I look forward your builds. I know there is soooo much hard work that goes into it and it's all for our benefit and enjoyment.

    Thank you so much you guyz!! This dragon is definitely a fan. <3
  12. This was awesome! Thank you and nice job to all involved!!! Be safe and well!
    <3 V
  13. I'm so bad at parkour, so maybe not for me
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  14. The parkour for this event is optional. All of the eggs can be reached with little to no parkour if you find the right path. :)
  15. But they won't get to see 404 error!:D
  16. 404 Error: 404 Error not Found

    Oh wait :eek:
  17. I kind of wish there was an Easter Bunny Book to claim to read all about his egg dropping fun in this village.
  18. So, I couldn't find 2 of the eggs and looked at jewel's speedrun video. It was then that I noticed- I had walked right past the two I was missing because I am a derp.

    Great little village, I quite liked the Cherry Blossom tree the most.
  19. This looks amazing! Thanks to the build team for all their huge efforts and thanks to staff for letting this go on for a few weeks. I got a little bit caught up on Steam last weekend (sudden grinding spree on GTAO, right now I'm >< close to having 2 large & 2 medium sized warehouses completely filled (= roughly 4.4 + 1.5 = 5.9 million)) and at the time of writing I'm getting ready to head off to work for a few days, but upcoming weekend I'm definitely planning to check this out!


    PS: @Tower... that book? Well, no promises but if I'm in the right mood upcoming weekend, who knows what might happen.
  20. Crystaldragon visits with the White Rabbit, while Raaynn remains trapped behind the looking glass.