[Event] Easter Wonderland Egg Hunt

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  1. Event Closing After April 26th!!!

    Happy Happy Easter to You, and You, and YOU!
    Venture into the colorful Easter Wonderland to hunt for colorful eggs hidden all around.
    The eggs are also the key to a magical adventure down the rabbit hole and your way to the prize!
    Type /games and follow the giant egg to to start your Wonder-ous adventure.

    Purchase the 1r carrot at the end of the event to register completion. All completions will receive Rabbit's Pocket Watch mailed to them after the event closes.

    And to celebrate even further, we know that you've all been out hunting and gathering those spawn eggs. So here's a little Easter treat (promo) to help you out. Welcome back the Magical Eggcelent Wand available for you to claim at /promo easter2020.

    No items will be in the Empire Shop during this holiday.
    All events/items available until AT LEAST April 26th.

    A special thank you to the amazing Build Team who continue to create such amazing worlds for us to enjoy! :love: :<3:
  2. Happy Easter, everyone! :D

    Big thank you to Khixan, corruptedsmile, liamwill, WyntyrRaevyn, Hashhog, and Krysyy for their help in making Wonderland come to life. :)
  3. Well, Good morning and Happy Easter to all once again! o/:cool:
  4. FYI: A special note I found in the bottom of the Easter basket.

    The eggs I've left hold the key
    to lead you to the end and me.
    Search high, search low,
    search everywhere you can go.
    Over hills, under leaves,
    even up high up in the trees.
    You've got time to spare,
    but challenge yourself if you dare.
  5. Happy Easter everyone! <3
  6. I'm so happy to see MoreMoople's imagination come to life! :D
    I hope y'all have learned the same thing I have after finishing this event :p Great work team!
  7. Awesome! Time to hunt for some eggs!

    Wait... that is the wrong holiday...
    Oh well.

    (happy easter) :)
  8. Happy Easter everyone!

    I will not be hopping in game today, but will attempt completing this event tomorrow! :D

  10. It would be SUPER GREAT if my account DIDN’T decide to break right when the coolest promo of 2020 comes out. >:[
    (faux anger aside, I’ve got a friend who’s grabbing me an extra)
  11. I love the designs for the event well put together and I think I am late for a very important date... lol good job Krysyy and Build team for the hard work put in this wonderfully mad good build. :) To quote Mad Hatter... We are all mad here. :p Thanks for the event guys well done again and Happy Easter. :D
  12. great job build team! especially liked the easter cat :)
  13. Looking forward to checking this out! I am most certain the build team has once again done an amazing job!
  14. Happy Easter everyone! Those builds look awesome :D
  15. Happy Easter everyone! And great job build team!:D
  16. The visual design is fantastic but the whole thing is less fun adventure & more parkour skill test. Great if you like minecraft "parkour" but not so much if you have a problem with hand eye coordination.
    Kudos to the people who worked on this and the mods for trying to wrangle people but for me it just ended up being a reminder why I don't play multiplayer in anything anymore.
  17. The parkour is optional and not as necessary as you think. We understand not everyone can parkour.
  18. I did the whole thing three times without doing the parkour.

    The build itself looks great! The build team did an amazing job on it!
  19. What's behind those doors? Inquiring minds want to know.