[EVENT] Design in Time | June 22, 2016

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  1. Instructions:
    Players will form teams of 3-5 players. Each team will be assigned a lot with a structure on it and a chest with items in it. When the timer starts, the team will have 1 hour to design an interior masterpiece for the structure. At the end, the winning team [as decided by the judge(s)] gets a prize.

    Can I choose my own team?
    Sure. 3-5 players only please. Team registration will occur at 7 pm after a description of the rules.

    What if someone on my team leaves in the middle of the event?
    Whatever is complete when the time is up will be the final build that will be judged. It's up to you to help each other and work as a team to complete it. If someone on your team leaves, then you are down a person. The 3-5 player per team rule applies to the start of the event, not the end so don't worry about being disqualified.

    What's in the chest?
    Items in the chest are unknown until the start of the event. No external items will be allowed.

    What is the structure?
    Structure is unknown until start of the event. For those that think you'll be smart and download the world first, it won't be there for you to download. I'll paste things in just before we begin.

    What perms will we be given?
    No, you won't be given admin. You'll be given build/destroy, container, use, and redstone. Additional flags added at Krysyy's discretion.

    Who are the judge(s)?
    At the moment, Krysyy is a confirmed judge. Additional judges will be other staff members that are interested if they have time.

    What server will this be on and when?
    SMP4 @ 7 pm EMC. Residence /v design

    Can I spectate?
    Sure, but you cannot go into the structures while the designers are working. The houses will be open after the close of the event. Some limited viewing MAY be available while event is in progress. Feel free to stick around and shout encouragements while they are building though.
  2. Oooh. First :p Let me read the thing
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  3. yes
    second post?
  4. Soooo who wants to be on my team? :)
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  5. yet 3rd

    Edit: Nvm
  6. Sounds fun, dont know for sure if I will go, but looks like a cool event.
  7. ooo im excited ! hope i get to participate :)
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  8. They have to be teams of 3?.. :(
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  9. i dont think i can make it :/
  10. No one knows me. I guess I'm alone :rolleyes:
  11. Interesting, i guess i will watch as my building skills are as good as an egg
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  12. Sounds fun. Just need to find a team.
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  13. oohh.... another great event at 2am my time.... I "might" be sleeping :p
    I would participate if it weren't at that time (Is that good Englisch?), I do annyway jope everyone else will make a lot of fun :)
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  14. It starts at just 1 AM, not 2 AM :p we could stay up together, and make a team of 3 together with "my sister" :p
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  15. Hmm, Maybe I will come!
  16. Yay I can actually attend! now I just need to find a group I think I got one person. :p
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  18. I'm in the middle of a testweek, I souldn't stay up that long, that's bad for my consetration and things :p
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