[EVENT] Day of Chance

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  1. 3...2...1... Fight!

    It's time for Fistfight!
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  2. Thank you all for coming!! We had a total of five rounds of Fistfight today. I hope you all had fun! :D
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  3. Thanks for coming to Harvest Day! I hope you all found what you needed. :)
  4. Thank you all for coming today! See you next time! ;)

    I'm available on Saturdays now, so after June 19th I am going to move Day of Chance to every Saturday at 3:00 PM EMC time. :)
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  5. Oh, maybe I could attend then! :D
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  6. It's time forrrrr.... *drumroll*

    What's this?? A 10? o.(o):eek::confused:

    We have a mystery on our hands! What could it be? Find out at 4PM! ;)
  7. Thank you all for coming today! Please welcome Event #10 to our Day of Chance event list! *drumroll*
    TNT RUN! :D

    Huge thank you to ElfinPineapple for all of his work on the minty side to get this set up and mod-runnable! Also, thank you to Elfin for hosting half of today's event. <3 :) You rock!

    We will be looking into adding more variations in the future. Have a suggestion for TNT RUN or another event? Send us a message here!
  8. 3PM Saturday Day of Chance has arrived!

    It's Netherspleef time!
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  9. Thank you all for coming today! Netherspleef broke after one round and we ended up playing a few TNT Run rounds, but the amazing Elfin was able to pop in and get it fixed up again. :) See you next time!

    By the way, if you have suggestions for new events or modifications to current events, please send us a suggestion here!
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  10. I enjoyed last week's game. Of course, OP Jewel_King kept winning except the final 2 rounds. It was fun~
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  11. Pull out your fists and get ready to fight! Today's Day of Chance Event is:

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  12. It's time for fun, fun, fun!

    Funland Festival!
  13. Thank you all for coming today! We had fun trying out the archery courses, doing some boat races, getting lost in the maze, riding the waterslide, and then getting lost in the sewer! :eek: :D
    Featuring: The giant toilet build, made by EMC's previous "mature" adult staff members!
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  14. Bring your bows and sharpen your swords for...

    Mob Arena! See you there! :D
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  16. Heya! This week's Day of Chance will take place on Monday, July 26th at 10:30PM. :) See you there!
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  17. Get ready to fight! It's time for...

    PvP (Murder that Moople!)
  18. Thanks for coming, everyone! NuclearBobomb won my head tonight, and Neon_Player left with a Gold Supporter Voucher! :D See you next time! ;)
    Note: The next Day of Chance will be rescheduled as well -- I will post on the thread as soon as I find out the new time. :)
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