[Ender Builders Campaign] (For Enderman Farms)

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  1. From the creator of the famous Enderman Farm on SMP5 . . .

    Hello EMC!
    If you have read my note at the Forever Company enderman farm on SMP5, you might be already aware of this. For those who didn't, I'm revealing the info to all of you.
    We, Forever Company, are proud to announce our Ender Builders Campaign!

    Through this long-term campaign, we (the server community) are going to build fresh and new enderman farms across Empire Minecraft. But, with all of the farms already around The End worlds, we don't want to be interfering with other people's farms without permission.

    Therefore, we need your feedback, EMC players. Fill out the forms below corresponding to which SMP server you think should get a new enderman farm and how you want it made. You are also free to share your own ideas and thoughts in this thread as well.
    If a EMC SMP server gets enough votes, we'll be building an enderman farm over there based on what responses in the forms are the most popular.:)

    At some point, many of you Empire Minecraft players will be granted access to epic enderman farms to achieve dreams!:cool:

    Enderman Farm Entrance (In The End):
    X: 100
    Y: 49
    Z: 0

    Frontier End Portal:
    *East of Central Spawn.


    *Entrance off of End Spawn.

    Video by: InfernalDevice


    *Please do not place and/or lock chests at any farms outside dedicated private storage rooms or without permission from me.

    *Grieving/Griefing is absolutely not allowed!! These farms are for everyone's use. Please be considerate with them. This includes not destroying their physical structure.

    *If you want to add an expansion to any of the enderman farms, please contact me first for permission.

    *For any other information, private message me in-game or on the EMC website. If you're using a conversation, allow me to invite other people at any time.


    WIP (Work in Progress)

    * Will use blocks from 1.12 - World of Color Update.

  2. Can i help with this but i already have the M94544 co. so i can't join yours but can both are cos work together? :D
  3. When you start construction lmk, I can donate some rupees once you have announce where it will be :)
  4. Supplying for any resources will be greatly appreciated. What building materials we'll need depends on the forms' results, but I know we're definitely going to need many stacks of pistons (regular), string, and tripwire hooks.
  5. Filled out your survey.
  6. I voted SMP9 and Volcanic style. SMP9 because the server is still basically the heart of the Empire, a bit like the centre of a town. And Volcanic because Volcanoes are great.
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  7. I am rallying smp6 today. Please give me a little time to get everyone to fill out a poll for you. I really just seen this thread and I think smp6 is a perfect place for an ender farm.
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  8. Set a chest up for you at (/v 3161).

    Enjoy :)
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  9. I voted for a Mesa Style on good ol' SMP2 (Its seems like it would be interesting style wise)
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  10. Hello. Just wondered if you had done anything on SMP5 yet. I would certainly be happy to help.
  11. My friend had one on smp6 a while ago and tore it down but left the path.
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  12. Are the rates looking decent where you are?? My new farm's rates are poo.
  13. Spawning rates are better than what I was expecting.
  14. I might come out when you are done just to see the rates, see if I should just use the design you are with.
  15. To get rates like what I was able to achieve, you have to provide a lot of spawning spaces: to the point the mob limit is reached in seconds in single player.
  16. Must....test.....Enderfarm!
  17. I built the new 1.8 farm w/ 100% spawning spaces. My rates are lower than a single zombie spawner.
  18. Not only you have to consider the amount of air or transparent blocks per Y-level of spawning spaces, you want to have a ton of spawning spaces in total across all levels. Those two factors will greatly increase spawning rates.
  19. For the Endermite Enderman Farms, up to 5 levels can be made on EMC. Each level has one Endermite.
    As said by Docm, the farms are stackable.