Endermite Enderman Farm Help Needed

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    I created the new 1.8 farm with Aikar's new change. However, the enderman arent falling at a good rate, I suspect they arent properly tracking the endermite. Do you have a solution? I will happily show a trusted member the way out here and gain access to the farm if they come up with a solution :) (As long as sam says it is okay ;))

  2. I always thought the endermite must been seen to be tracked? correct me if I'm wrong? I created a farm like this on my SP world but i created a 5x5 drop hold and put an endermite in the middle like 2 blocks higher then where the endermen spawn. I surrounded the endermite in glass and the rates seemed to be fairly high.

  3. Im gonna go try raising him one block... some designs use a 5x5 or 3x3 square, others can use a traditional rectangle drop, I will report back with my findings.
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  4. I raised it one block and see no difference, entc is at 7... and one being an endermite, so I dont know. This farm is over 128 blocks from any other farm and with EMC mechanics that should be way over the distance away I needed it. :(

    I really want this to work, any other suggestions?

    EDIT: The farm is 33x33 just like in the video.
  5. I've not really used endermites on EMC, Was it spawned with ender pearls and have you named it?
  6. Spawned with enderpearls, and it is named "Chicken Butt 3.0"

    He is the 3rd chicken butt I have spawned... the other 2 chicken butts were killed by minecart fatalities.
  7. I'm afraid i'm out of ideas, sorry. Thank you very much for that detail aswell haha.
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  8. Im on my school computer so I cannot add images to the main post... its weird, so sorry to double post.

    Here are more pictures of the farm w/change:

    2015-06-01_11.34.17.png 2015-06-01_11.34.17.png 2015-06-01_11.34.18.png 2015-06-01_11.34.21.png 2015-06-01_11.34.25.png 2015-06-01_11.34.34.png

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  9. Wait.... OMFG we can name stuff?
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  10. Aikar is love, Aikar is life. <3

    I am so glad I suggested this change :p

    I just want it to work now!
  11. Any ideas are appreciated :)...
  12. Bump, I would love to have this resolved :p
  13. Amuzed Stew, is this farm going to be public? I think I have a solution. The problem is the fact that the cart is placed on a full block. I don't know, but I can tell you're using tango and ImpulseSV's design. Problably supposed to be on a fence so the enderman are attracted to it properly, the enderman might not always think it can be able to get to it. Tell me if you want me to fix it, I hope it's public, because it'll solve the xp problem in the emc community, though the efficency might be affected by the changed mob spawning physics on emc.
  14. It is not Impulse design, I am using Docm77's design, but in HC3 Slip and Tango used the fence so I was about to try it... Gonna go do that now.

    The farm will not be public, though I plan on making a public one if mine gets working.
  15. Sorry, I meant docm77's. Whatever. So if you get it working, you'll make it public? I'll fix it for you (or at least attempt to)if you want.
  16. No, this one is private, I was planning on making another one if I can figure out why mine is not working.

    Fence trick did not work, no difference in endermen fall rates...
  17. The thing that doesnt make sense is the enderman spawn rates. If it is at the right distance there should be a much higher ent count
  18. That is what I was thinking, I went afk for about 10 minutes and only had an entc of 20...
  19. Try testing it out by having a endermite on the ground not in a minecart allowed to freely wander and check to see if the endermen will try to attack it