Endermite Enderman Farm Help Needed

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by AmusedStew, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. You already know where it is so hush.... well you kinda know where it is ;)
  2. I was at my local enderman farm today and noticed spawn hates seem to be way down, was thinking was just a frustrating 1.8 or emc change.
  3. Some farms broke with 1.7 loaded areas, but my farm is in all new generated area and it is behaving strangely.
  4. Stew, the spawn rates for several types of mobs have been... reduced. Unless the powers that be fix this issue anytime in the near future, you won't have rates like we did pre 1.8. It'll still be about the same as what you get in endertopia v1.0.

    Endermen farms, while being a great source of pearls still, aren't quite what they used to be for exp. Message me in game in the next couple days and I can discuss a few options that might be... more viable.
  5. Ender farms are still the greatest... just not on EMC.

    There are other types out there more viable for sure, but I think it is worth someone looking into for the community... Sure, this farm took me 2 hours and less than 5000r to make, but I still think it should work like it does in vanilla or close to it.

    I have not ever used pigmen, guardian, or any farm of the type for exp... I do not wish to build one either as I have many projects planned this summer, and I thought building one of these would be amazing, free xp so I can repair tools; I do not know about you but that is an awesome deal to me.

    Most mob rates were reduced for 1.7 terrain, but not for 1.8 new terrain... I am in new terrain.

    I might PM you in game to discuss, but you and a few other farmers have already helped me with ideas and plans for this summer, thanks.

    I will keep bumping this thread and see if more ideas come up.