Empire Status Update - 1/27/14

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  1. Hello everyone, figured I would give another status update on what has been going on!

    Bug Fixing & Improvements!
    A lot of bugs has been fixed lately. Hatori has started to get a bit more familiar with the code and has helped me knock out a few improvements.

    Together we've got a decent round of improvements to tiny issues around the Empire, to clean up the experience.

    You can say that again. We have spent around than 2x the cost of the servers on advertising roughly in the past month. This has given us a great surge of new members!

    What's this? SMP3 was near full on the weekend?!

    Lots of effort has been done to improve the new player experience and tutorial.

    In good news to many who were upset over tutorial skipping - Recent changes appear to be helping and a majority are not skipping: http://screencloud.net/v/b1N2

    We are still working on some more improvements for new players which will be out this week.

    Dragon Tombs
    Yes... Development has been resumed on Dragon Tombs. No ETA still, but it's better than before where DT wasn't being worked on at all!

    Recently I've made a few threads with some of my ideas for things around the Economy. Some questioned why was I even bothering with that. Well, I personally see the economy as part of the server that keeps people playing.

    There are definitely mixed crowds of people on the Empire that are either for or against the inflation idea, and there are mixed crowds on the AFK idea.

    I am simply just trying to think of the long term benefits of the Empire, in that if I could make a quick change that had a long term benefit to the Empire.... What could I do?

    So I saw that as something I could persue without much attention away from Dragon Tombs and have a positive benefit for many players.

    But, I just want to keep everyone happy.... So I am not going to touch those ideas until after Dragon Tombs are done and out.

    Right now, my focus will be on Dragon Tombs and Dragon Tomb dependencies!

    The good news is, Dragon Tombs will require some other features to be completed to support creating the event. EMC-416

    Another will be the piece of code to support hiding a users equipment from an event (Since you won't use your own gear for DT). This piece of code will also be used for Mob Arena! So soon we can be looking at Fun and FAIR Mob Arenas!

    So rest assured everyone, priorities are going to stay on track for DT (Until 1.8 that is :() and new member growth.

    Long live a strong Empire!
  2. Events
    Work has been done to give moderators some access to mob arena!

    We are also working on coming up with more planned weekly events by the Senior Staff.

    So expect more and more official events from the Empire soon!
  3. One word:
    please? ;-;
  4. Erm... What about witch huts?
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  5. 2 words i think :S ....
    Awesome sauce aikar, its been really good for smp3 :)
  6. For the events part, do you think there will be at least something us Dutch, German, British people can attend? I mean, until now I think I could come to 1/25th of the events, and most things were from 10PM to 3 AM:p

    I do really much appreciate how you keep us up to date with those things, so people won't say "they promised it for years but are not even working on it".

    And what do you mean with the things that will be used for mob arena as well as for dragon tombs?
  7. The closest thing to GMT right now is Davie's Mob Arena, which is being held right now actually :)
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  8. Sorry but I can not consciously weigh something affecting a sub fraction portion of the community over something the other 99.9% of the community has been waiting for.

    I will look into fixing them after Dragon Tombs.

    If I tried to fix them now, DT would be pushed back even more due to 1.8, as Huts are not going to be an easy problem to solve.

    BigDavie runs Mob Arenas which are in that time period usually.

    Mob Arenas will eventually be a "bring nothing in, everyone has a fair chance to win" event, which will essentially take your armor/items away, give you basic gear/items, then everyone competes on same grounds.

    That part of saving items and hiding them will be a shared system for Dragon Tombs and Mob Arena, so I can knock out a new and much desired update for Mob Arena at same time as working on Dragon Tombs.
  9. I gotta say, Aikar, you're good at this whole owner of EMC thing.
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  10. agreed i really appreciate the transparency, and actually weighing the community's input.
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  11. By named teleports, will there be another feature that allows
  12. Besides bug fixes, I really like this part. I'm not just saying that because I always die, but I feel like it would cut down on all the drama that we had at all the mob arenas. While people are able to bring their own stuff, we have so many who whine and complain they don't have a chance and start accusing people of hacking.
  13. DRAGON TOMBS!!! lol finally aikar, after almost a year u resume progress, don't let that happen again :p
  14. Seems reasonable, and would be good to put these teleports in the /shop to assist new players too.
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  15. Perhaps they can work with Wastelands too so people can have ease of access. Imagine instead of typing in a command, just walk onto a pad or press a button. Could be useful for when people get out of the tutorial.
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  16. ? There is a Wastelands portal at every /spawn.
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  17. SMP3 was nearly full? WHAT IS THIS SORCERY?!?! I gave my smp8 spawn res away right before it was full. I gave my res next to spawn on smp3 before it was full. I am really horrible with investments.
  18. Forgot... xD
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  19. EMC-416
    Regular: 1
    Iron: 3
    Gold: 8
    Diamond: 50
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