Empire Newsletter: November 2023

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  1. Iiiiiit's Turkey Time! :eek: Pull up a chair and prepare to feast on this month's news!

    Community Team
    Staff Team
    • A waste reset was announced for November 17th or 18th! Check out the thread for more details. Happy exploring! :D
    Developer Team
    • This Halloween, Halloween Town returned with a special twist! Thanks to some new code, this new version of Halloween Town has claimable plots that can be decorated for candy trading. View more information here!
    Remember to report any bugs to pmdev.emc.gs!

    Elytra Course Contest Results
    Congratulations to Trwe for winning first place in the Elytra Course Building Contest! Huge thank you to everyone who participated -- the submissions were all so unique and enjoyable! See the announcement of the winners here.

    Event Schedule
    • Monday, November 20th (10:30 PM EMC time): FireFloor!
    • Friday, December 1st (10:30 PM EMC time): Build a Base!
    • Saturday, December 2nd (10:30 PM EMC time): TNT RUN!
    Contest Ideas
    We are currently planning to host four different contests in 2024! A vote on contest ideas will be held next month. Do you have an idea for a contest that you want to see? Post it below!

    I hope you all have a wonderful month! I'm so thankful to be part of this awesome community. :D :love: :<3:

    What is the cutest season of the year?

    Awwwwtumn :love: :<3:

    What do comedians call Thanksgiving?

    Pranksgiving! :rofl: :lmao:

    Why do turkeys never finish their meals in November?

    They're already stuffed! ;)
  2. As always I love the newsletters.

    An idea for a contest could be group based video advertising for the Empire. Bring awareness that the Empire is kind, the Empire is good, the Empire is a must to join.

    Another idea for a contest is Summer book challenge. Each player writes down a moment or moments in which they enjoyed playing on EMC. Probably just a random raffle generator on this as it might be hard to judge one’s experiences on the Empire. The winner would receive a special item renamed and shiny prize while everyone that participated could each receive a copy of all the books entered in the challenge. Or just the winner.. lol
  3. Thank you for the newsletter!

    An idea for a contest could be an EMC Movie Night challenge. Each player makes and edits an EMC themed video. Winner get a special item, the runner up rupees.
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  4. gobble gobble.
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  5. Not sure how it could be implemented outside of a staff hosted event but if possible would love to see a pvp type related contest!
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  6. simple:
    entrants to the pvp contest sign up and are entered onto the 'board' probably a post.
    Then each combat to a winner: the not dead one. Probably needs witnesses.
    Then they move up the board until a final knockdown, drag out fight.

    If each fight was 1 per day, then the whole thing would take a week. Just have to find a time where you and your opponent could be online for the same time at some point in that 24 hours.

    Other than that, rules about potions etc and then go at it.
    Winner gets the 'golden kill sword' award (or whatever it is) and a whole lotta heads :cool:
  7. Maybe something like that dirt sculpting competition we had quite a few years back where we carved sculptures out of a big monolith of dirt? But instead of a full residence, maybe a mini version with 20x20 plots or something like that? Would there be a way to make dirt blocks placeable as well as breakable for people (umm, not me :rolleyes:) who make mistakes?

    What about a dropper build competition? I guess in the wild so that death is an option? >:)
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  8. I thought of something else - an EMC mansion (or apartment building) and we decorate a room each. (I think a player ran something like that a couple of years ago?)
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