[EVENT] Hall of the Pumpkin King

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  1. Happy Halloween, EMC! We have an awesome build for you to explore on /games.

    Hall of the Pumpkin King
    Oh no! Some kids decided to play a prank on the Pumpkin King and steal his Halloween costume. They left some hints for where they're hiding... can you find the costume and get it back to the King in time for the Halloween party?

    If you successfully retrieve the costume from the kids, the Pumpkin King will reward you with a very special gift: Pumpkin King's Fancy Monocle

    Don't forget that Halloween Town is open as well! Visit /htown on any SMP to claim your own plot to decorate and trade candy. Happy Halloween!
  2. πŸŽ‰πŸ₯³ Ty build team! Looks amazing in the pictures! Looking forward to exploring it this weekend
  3. I hope that you all enjoy the event! If any problems come up, please send a message to pmss.emc.gs. :D
  4. very cool event! best halloween event yet!
  5. I'm looking forward to seeing the event. Good job :) :)
  6. Excellent build as always :)
  7. Visit this when you have time! We will try and leave this up through at least the end of November.
  8. Would it be possible to find a Haunted Head in this event?
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  9. I think that is a drop from the candy trading
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  10. Are speedruns a thing for these events?
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  11. One of the build team members did mention they could get through it quite quickly and was interested on how fast others could speedrun it.
  12. Oh so fantastic! I can't wait to explore the build. Hope everyone has a great time :)
  13. The hunt was fantastic! Build team... You are Marvelous! Keep up the great work because it is soooooo appreciated!
  14. Yes, another awesome event! Loved the brewing in this one, was very cool.
  15. This was an amazing build. It was a lot of fun to explore. I appreciate the easy option, only fell once. It's odd, I know it's a game but my stomach still turned a bit making some of the jumps. A little excitement is a good thing. Thank you to all involved in getting this build going.
  16. That was lots of fun! Thank you! And thank you for the easy options. :Do.(o)
  17. As always, awesome builds!

    (took me a while to find where the helmet was given, thought there was something else in town)
  18. Can you all stop with the amazing builds? It’s hurting my ego.. πŸ˜”.

    Nah, joke aside.. Amazing event, really loved the exploring part of it.
    Great job πŸ€™πŸΌ
  19. What little I've seen it looks cool but it seems to be mostly parkour which for me, sucks. Guess this is one event I can't do.
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