[EVENT] Hall of the Pumpkin King

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  1. parkour was just the helm, and the easy one should be really accessible, no?
  2. There is only 1 little parkour spot, and its various levels of difficultly the easy one to me seemed less parkour and more 'walk a straight line, with a few things to jump over'. Give it more than a quick look before you rule it out.

    I feel like our build team did an amazing job giving so many different levels of need/want to our community! In past events I had struggles on the easy levels, this one made me want to go back and try the harder levels!(which I think is less I'm getting better and more they toned down the easy ones to give more play ability to others) Thanks build team, you did great!
  3. I am horrible at parkour too. Take the easy route, it's nothing like the parkour in previous event builds.
  4. I spent half an hour on it and kept falling off on the easy level. Parkour is not my thing so honestly I gave up.
  5. I haven’t taken the time to journey into this event yet, but when I do (sometime this week) I can send you my prize if you like? I wouldn’t want one of my friends missing out!
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  6. A tip for anyone struggling with the easy parkour: all the jumps are possible by sneak-walking to the edge of the block, then hold forward and jump. You can hold sneak from start to finish. I just tested it, hope it helps :)
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  7. Sorry i didnt type anything after i played it, but it was amazing and extremely fun, thanks for hosting it
  8. Didn't quite get to it as soon as I hoped, but the wait was well worth it.

    Cheers for those involved in the deployment of this beauty! I really enjoyed the overall build more than anything else! As I delve into creative builds, I draw more inspiration from things like this. I do hope however that we continue to see similarities in the mechanics used for the potion crafting. That was spectacular!!! I hope we continue to see more exciting things like this moving forward.

    If you worked hard on this, I want you to know that you did an amazing job and I enjoyed walking every inch of it.
    Thank you! :)
  9. Just completed this last night. I love the design.. Good work build team and everyone else involved in making the event happen. I did find someone in the event that shares a striking resemblance to me, which was a fun surprise.
  10. I don't think I was supposed to be able to get here...

  11. Ya love to see it. Always someway out.
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  12. Show me how... I must escape as well
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  13. I don't know if she remembers anything more specific, but along the edge there's a very deep 1x2 hole that turns into a 1x1.
    At the bottom of it you can get out.
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  14. I have escaped :)

  15. Can chickeneer trap you in the jail from the dream smp?
  16. That would be really fun... awful.

    I hope he doesn't do that
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  17. How long will this event be up?
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  18. The Halloween Town will be available for visiting year-round.
  19. Spoiler Alert:
    for Tbird (or anyone else who gave up on the parkour)

    apparently you can walk on chains. with this knowledge I think you can understand why there isn't more than a one-block jump on the easy route.
  20. you spoiled your spoiler :eek:
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