Empire Minecraft Staff Application - v10.0

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  1. New Staff Application!

    Yes, that time again. A lot of information in older applications has become invalid for reference and the recent applications are trickling in. We need a new clean look at who is interested in being a staff member.

    You'll notice that I've added some new critical thinking questions in the new application. These will allow the PANEL of Senior Staff and the Community Manager(me) to evaluate each application to the best of our ability along the guidelines of what we need in our staff members. If you have filled out a previous application, you will STILL need to fill out this one.

    Please follow instructions and read thoroughly. If you can't, then honestly we will likely have a problem with you as a staff member and therefore will probably not accept you to become a member of the team. If you have a question about the instructions, then ask me in private or in this thread.

    Also, if you think someone should be a staff member, encourage them to apply.

    Terms and Conditions of Staff Applications (also in the staff app itself):
    You may access the application through any of the following links:

    We wish you the best of luck and look forward to reading your applications!
  2. Looking forward to filling this one out :D
  3. Sorry but I need to say this,

    Is this a little inappropriate to bring up new staff applications after yesterday?
  4. It's more than appropriate, if not necessary. A problem presented was lack of staff. So I'm taking steps to fix that.
    Another problem was about an event time, so I added one to adjust for that.

    Making visible changes in response to direct comments, to show that the comments were heard, is the most appropriate response.
  5. I'm just going to run the numbers here, you can agree with me or not

    Here are the current Stats
    • You currently have 13 moderators, 2 developers, and 7 Senior staff
    • Active player count (In game) peaked roughly 60 players discounting ones that are afk this month
    • 2.7 active players to each staff member (I'm sure you have a threshold of the number you need)
    Side note: I didn't include yourself or Aikar.

    Activity of most of the team currently enrolled on staff that I've seen has been three active moderators. I'm not counting this week of current situations.

    I think it would be wise other than asking for more staff to look into the team you currently have and see who's really being active for the whole of the community. Only then, you look for more players to be staff. You can reach me via pms if you want to continue this chat.
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  6. I am looking into the current staff members' activity as well, but that's not going to keep us from looking for those interested. We do not have a set number of staff members we will hire. Plus, if I demote anyone for inactivity, we'd need more anyway.

    Your numbers do not account for time zones, imo. I'll continue as planned.
  7. I made a post about this. Over the span of one week, the top three most active staff were more active than the entire rest of the staff who were active at all during that time. One of those three just left. 60% of the time there was no staff on any server at all. So it's safe to say that we could use more staff members who spend a lot of time logged in. This only accounted for time spent playing on the server, not doing forum work or other work, so take it for what it's worth. But in terms of gameplay time, we need more members, even if it seems like we have sufficient numbers of staff. The current staff team spends a lot of time doing work outside of the game, and lets be honest, its probably more important than moderating in-game (chicken doing dev stuff, etc).
    Side note, your numbers I believe included mods like JackBiggin who are essentially on leave, but still listed.
  8. How exciting!
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  9. I pulled what was listed as staff, thanks for the reply!
  10. Would I have any actual chance if I applied?
  11. Last seen:
    9 months ago on smp6
    No. You would not. That I can say outright.
  12. nfell. I think You, Soul, Builder, I and others alike should unite and make one amazing unrefesable submission. :)

    Also, I quicklky cliched through the application and, kudo's for it. I really like it better than the previous one. It has less problems with being ununderstadeble for people who like to take things literally, like me :)
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  13. I meant with regards to 'past activity'.
  14. I'd love to apply.
  15. For in-game activity, with something as large as 9 months, we wouldn't even go further. It's very nearly the first thing we check. Looking at it though, been a while since any issues I see in-game at least. You entire history on EMC is not held against you because we believe that people can change. It's why one of the questions asks what you learned if you have been punished before.
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  16. I have a question, if you want to suggest anyone can you still do that or..? You just have to encourage them to fill out the form?
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  17. Both. Suggeststaff.emc.gs is still live
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  18. Ohhh okay thanks! :D
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  19. Last question asks if they've filled out staff app 8.0, surely this should be updated now?
  20. Thanks for the reply. I was hoping that would be the stance you guys take.