Empire Minecraft Staff Application - v10.0

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  1. i wonder if i will accepted :)
  2. Hello, i was just looking at this thread, i was wondering if there was a certain age you would have to be to be eligible to be a staff member?
  3. Maturity is more important than age.
  4. ok thank you
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  5. This reminds me of how university are made to be top tier. Not about the quality of intake but about how many you can turn down.
    All for having new staff. Hopefully it won't be like in the past where they just take a 3 months break once they get promoted. Also maybe you should cleanup some of those staff lists. Some of the stream team members haven't even logged in in the past 2-3 years and are still listed. Please show some professionalism and cleanup those lists the same way you demoted someone after just 1 Month of inactivity but did not do it for others in the exact same team.
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  6. First, the strram team is not staff. Second, We are cleaning up teams as we see fit at this time. Building, for example, just had their cleanup, contribution team was done a few days ago, and stream team was already on the list for next up. Third, I don't think I have ever demoted anyone for just one month of inactivity. And finally, remember that there is stuff you don't necessarily see So you may not have the full story.
  7. Just gonna slide this here. Lots of moderating done not to mention lots of Streams.

    Maybe if mods had proper appraisals with minimum monthly hours, this sort of leniency would not happen. I know its voluntary work but if they can commit to their engagements then it may not be right for them to be part of the team. But hey I'm only a humble farmer.
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  8. Jack has rank for in-game only and I'm notified when they return. They were removed officially from the team due to inactivity and are not listed on the official site (except under outdated Stream Team info which is in the process of a redesign).
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  9. Good to know if their minecraft account get hacked, EMC is safe.
  10. Jack's account is tied into a LOT on EMC. I have faith that they protect it.
    Like I said though, I do get a notification if they log in. All staff will through our square system.
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