Empire Minecraft News: December 2015

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  1. Well, the time has almost come. 2015 is waning away day by day and we are edging closer and closer to 2016! Time has flown by and the Empire has gained so many cool features this last year. I can't wait to see what 2016 holds in store for us!

    Referral Contest Winners: November
    Prizes will be mailed out this weekend.

    Most Clicks (receive Referral Blocks of Clickyness)
    1st: OmegaDustMC
    2nd: LuckyPat
    3rd: FDNY21

    Most referrals (Receive Supporter Vouchers)
    1st: Kippy159
    Tie for 2nd: Luckypat and Olaf_C

    Vote Contest Winners
    I received the data last night and here are the winners of the 2015 Vote Contest, as explained in this thread: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/contest-voting-competition-2015.57415/

    Tier 1: jossytheninja, D4tzMine, WeezerNL, corruptedsmile, and Wanderton
    Tier 2: Insanity42, Apcmagician, and TuckerAmbr
    Tier 3: SkareCBoi and EnragedChicken
    Tier 4: penfoldex
    Prizes will be mailed out this weekend.

    Star Wars Build Contest
    This deadline just passed and I cannot wait to start judging them!
    HOWEVER, I do have family obligations and Christmas time coming up here shortly, so expect results either the 1st or 2nd week of January on this.

    Holiday Sales
    Give the Gift of Supporter this Holiday. We've got multiple packages to choose from to treat others or yourself to some supporter vouchers. Rupees are also having additional purchase bonuses. Check out the thread for more details: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/holiday-sales-2015.60206/

    The 2015 Year in Review Survey is currently up. These help us to modify policies, if needed, as well as help shape the future of EMC's events, etc. If you haven't filled it out already, please do so. More data means more ability to see and address issues we see. For example, the following changes about Senior Staff services came as a result of a trend in these surveys already. We want to have all input given by the 20th so that we can modify policies for the start of the new year. Thanks in advance for your feedback!

    Fill it out: emc.gs/2015review

    Senior Staff Services Changes
    Please message ALL Senior Staff, including Krysyy, when ordering a service. We've had some Senior Staff with natural disasters or real life obligations get in the way of logging in recently and we want to ensure that services are being noticed as quickly as possible.

    The Senior Staff and I have worked through some emerging trends in the 2015 surveys to make the following changes, effective immediately.

    Dirt Removals -> Structure Removals
    • 60,000r
    • Have a giant sugar cane farm you want removed, but don't want to spend days taking it down and don't really care about the materials? Have the Senior Staff remove it for you with world edit. No blocks retrieved. They simply go *poof*
    • Dirt Destroying Ticking Tocks will be valid, but NOT change name.
    Between Residence Edits/Road Edits
    • A normal change of a surface or a simple bridge will no longer cost 10,000r to have done. Instead, the road edits are now based on complexity, as that is what matters most in regards to Senior Staff time. If you prepare everything beforehand into a simple copy/paste or have only a minor surface change, it will be significantly cheaper.
    • 5,000r for a road surface replacement or a singular copy/paste set-up.
    • 10,000r for each additional /paste required.
    • 30,000r and up - Anything built by hand using Schematica (ItsMeMatheus will assign additional charges based on complexity of build and timeline will be based on his schedule)
    Whole Residence Move to another SMP
    • Dropped price to 100,000r from 150,000r as it requires the same steps/time as a normal res move
    Villager Moving Service Added
    • 10,000r per villager
    • Coordinating water, etc to move villagers without eggifying can be tedious. Hire the Senior Staff to move your villagers into the perfect position on your residence.
    Villager Replacement Status
    Still going, but will begin skipping around to take care of the simpler requests soon. Some players with missing 45+ villagers that we cannot locate copies of have been holding us up a bit. If you have a large collection of 1.7 villagers, please let Krysyy know in a pm.

    2015 Time Capsule Opening and 2016 Time Capsule Closing
    The capsule underneath /park will open on December 30th and close again on Dec 31st. If you want to retrieve your items and are unable to make it to the opening event, then please message Krysyy and she will move your items out of the capsule. Anything that is not requested to be moved out will be re-locked up on Dec 31st. Exact times will be posted in the official Time Capsule 2016 thread coming soon.

    Additional Reminder about Aikar's Inbox
    I forgot to add this last night, so i'll fit it in here.
    PLEASE make sure that if you message Aikar for something, include Krysyy as well.
    A lot of the time, most of what you are discussing, etc can be handled by Krysyy and she normally ends up being invited by Aikar to take care of it anyways =P. Aikar is very busy with code for the server and may not check his inbox as frequently as Krysyy does either so it's the best method if you are wanting a response on something quickly.
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  2. First :D

    I like that some SS services are cheaper now
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  3. Thank you Krysyy!
    Although, quick question. I filed a missing mob form, and have gotten no reply. Should I have?
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  4. Your first one was already taken care of in that pm we were talking in, remember?
    I don't see a second one from you.
  5. Out of curiosity, would it be possible what I had placed in my time capsule on my main account on my alternate account instead? :) If not, it doesn't change much - thanks anyways.
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  6. I did not have a pm to my knowledge. Will make one right now.
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  7. To retrieve no, due to ban, but I can list it in a pm for you.
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  8. You might be forgetting things, because I distinctly remember our back and forth and that leading to me discovering the way to restore 1.7 villagers...unless I made that all up and I was talking to myself...
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  9. No need for that. :)
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  10. Heh, the project I'm working on at the moment's gonna require quite a few of those road edits. Good thing it's not me paying!
  11. About this--my voting doesn't seem to be able to work twice a day even if I space out the votes over 12-hour spans. Seems I can only vote once a day...? Or does the 12-hour span have to be within certain hours? E.g. last time I tested it, I had to vote afer 8am but before 9am, and then after 8pm and before 9pm for the 12-hour thing to work (any other time slots wouldn't trigger the 12-hour vote streak). But these days, that time slot doesn't work for me, so I tried voting at irregular times--only one time it triggered a 12-hour streak, and then never did again. I'm confused =.=?
    I'm also really sleepy right now, so if that made no sense, it's okay xD

    What does this mean? I don't understand this line at all besides that it has something to do with the Dirt Destroying Ticking Tock.
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  12. Probably the biggest change isn't that right Krysyy ;)
  13. Sweet. Thanks for the news update krysyy :)
    I might participate in the time capsule this year :D
  14. 12 hours is the absolute minimum interval which some voting sites use, but EMC uses a longer one; namely 16 hours. So you'd have to wait approx. 16 hours before a new vote will be recognized as new after which it'll advance your streak.

    Also: rumor has it that if you vote on more than one site at once then this can have some extra influence on the timer; but I do not know how much exactly. Do keep in mind that if you're aiming for consistency (vote streak) then it's usually best to spread out your votes; don't use all sites at once.
  15. Congrats to all the winners :)
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  16. Grats to the winners!

    Are senior staff services "Town" only? (world edit) I have an old base, over the ocean, that has been griefed beyond repair. It would be nice to remove the eye sore above the ocean surface. I started removing the structures, but it will be a lot of work.
  17. I lost again whooo still trying with a smile :D
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  18. Nice, great updates :D
  19. Added a reminder at the end about Aikar's inbox that I forgot last night.