Holiday Sales 2015!

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  1. EMC brings you some awesome deals this holiday to help you fill stockings for others or to treat yourself!

    As usual, we have the theme of the "Give the Gift of Supporter"

    Vouchers, Vouchers, Vouchers! All on Sale!

    x 5
    Holiday Voucher Bonus Package 1 - $50
    2 diamond vouchers
    2 gold vouchers
    1 iron vouchers
    64 iron ingots

    x 9
    Holiday Voucher Bonus Package 2 - $50
    4 gold vouchers
    5 iron vouchers
    64 iron ingots

    x 9
    Holiday Voucher Bonus Package 3 - $100
    5 diamond vouchers
    2 gold vouchers
    2 iron vouchers
    64 gold ingots

    x 15
    Holiday Voucher Bonus Package 4 - $100
    2 diamond vouchers
    5 gold vouchers
    8 iron vouchers
    64 gold ingots

    x 18
    Holiday Voucher Bonus Package 5 - $200
    10 diamond vouchers
    4 gold vouchers
    4 iron vouchers
    64 diamonds

    x 26
    Holiday Voucher Bonus Package 6 - $200
    5 diamond vouchers
    11 gold vouchers
    10 iron vouchers
    64 diamonds

    Permanent Derelict Voucher
    Price has been temporarily reduced to $80 (20% off!)

    Rupee Purchases
    Every rupee purchase made will automatically award you 40% MORE rupees!

    Buying Rupees now gives you some added bonus items at certain levels.

    *All bonus items will be automatically sent to the account’s in-game Mail*

    $30 = iron voucher

    $50 = gold voucher

    $80 = diamond voucher

    $110 = iron and diamond voucher

    $120 = gold and diamond voucher

    $130 = iron, gold and diamond voucher

    Go to for more information on these Holiday Specials!
  2. I'm all for sales, but real money for in-game items? It was okay with perks, but ehh....
  3. This is for supporter vouchers, not any different than it's been.
  4. You should have started this at the beginning of the month. :)
  5. Sweet... Will have to get me a piece of this! :)
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  6. Whooo I can afford my first gold voucher :DD
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  7. Those are just extras Aikar threw in to fill the mail slot. If you were trying to buy in-game items with real money, you'd buy rupees then buy from shop. It would be cheaper.
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  8. You fool, where's your "Yay! :D"? -_-
  9. Out of curiosity, when will FinalArc's renders be up on the supporter page?
  10. When they are legally cleared. At present, they are not. I'm working on a manual edit to them in order to bypass that since they haven't made effort to clear them on their end.
  11. Sorry for bombarding you with questions (since that's my specialty), but how is that not legally cleared? If it has to do with the textures being used, aren't the current ones being used using Minecraft textures?
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  12. Yes, but we are making efforts to change that, hence the contest, whereas by putting in place new ones we would be saying we're sticking with those textures regardless. Overall, should be changed by midway through January if my plan works out.
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  13. Doesn't this look a little unbalanced?
  14. Aikar did maths. I'm sure he'll adjust if needed. I think someone just mentioned it to him in staff chat.
  15. I was changing too many things at once and I screwed up the math :p I just fixed to make it more in tune (260 value is goal for the 200 packages, but package 2 of each level favors more gold/iron than diamond)
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  16. Let it be known that Krysyy, herself, has just recommended using /shop.
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