Holiday Sales 2015!

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  1. No PM for you. I spent $140 on a F2P game called Villagers and Heroes after playing for 3 days. ;)

    Though I have never spent IRL money on anything F2P before, I know this game will hold my loving interest for many many years or until the company goes bankrupt. ;)

    If Minecraft were still my favorite game I would be dropping my hard earned cash on supporting EMC without thinking twice. When a game/community is as wonderful and in-sync as this one, the fact that people will pay money to support the company that hosts the server(s) and produces the custom code that is being enjoyed by its members is not at all worth insulting.

    Nobody here is paying for Minecraft. They are paying for SERVER costs and receiving dedicated resources in exchange for their money. If you don't want to spend your money that is fine. Don't throw random insults and threats of virtual violence around because you disagree with the options presented.

    Another thing on this:
    I hear no complaints from people regarding the rewards given from PBS telethons... People give to support PBS and in return for a significant donation they receive coffee mugs, canvas bags, etc. and no one raises a single argument against the practice.
    Go look at Humble Bundle -- you get games and some of your money goes to a single charity or multiple charities. No complaints about this practice, either. Go look at some of the donation leader boards... $1000 by anonymous. $1000 by "Some person sharing their name". Then look at the cost of those packages. $1 gets you this many games. Pay more than the community average and get these extra games. Pay this much and get the OST or this Shirt or whatever. Nobody raises hell about that.

    Yet the moment a game server hosts a holiday sale to boost sales and keep the virtual doors open another year and all hell breaks loose from the vocal minority. Shouts of greed and insults toward those who choose to spend their money as they please are shouted in generalities. If you are not the parent/guardian/significant-other of the person spending their money as they choose, you should not be commenting on their personal financial decisions.
    If you are so high and mighty, donate to charity and remain humble about it. Don't brag about it. Don't insult others who donate less than you. Don't make people feel stupid/guilty/shamed for supporting something they believe in.

    If you don't want to spend money to support EMC, don't cry when the server has to shut down because you shamed all of the potential supporters into holding out their cash as well. The lights stay on because we have people who believe in EMC and have the financial means to support.

    The only people I have ever seen with a chip on their shoulder about supporting EMC or any other cause are the cynics that have no money to give and/or hate to see people who have things they want. This "Cell-Phone Generation" is very greedy, self-entitled, extremely cynical and out-spoken. They fail to see that their voice is drown out by all of the other "special flowers" that stand on the same ground as everyone else. They don't see it because they fail to look around themselves, they remain self-serving and hateful to anyone who threatens to strip away their fantasy view of the world.

    Let's also remember not a single person here has mentioned World of Warcraft! -- That is a PAY TO PLAY system WITH a freaking CASH SHOP!

    It is only when a F2P community offers perks for cash that the world is suddenly in turmoil.
  2. I really hope this isn't all aimed towards me because I can't get past the first paragraph. Chill dude. Someone needs to understand the words sarcasm.. did you see that? S.A.R.C.A.S.M there we go :* Just chill yeah? But seriously it's pretty stupif spend that much in MY opinion :3 See what I did.. yeah :3 anyway as for the rest of that essay... TLDR :)
  3. Stands and gives you a full standing ovation and thank you. :)
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  4. Yay long speech. Yay.
    EDIT: And that wasn't sarcastic, ok? Don't glare at me...
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  5. OMG BEST XMAS PRESENT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Man, I've been away too long. I don't even know what this means
  7. Are the specials done? and if not when do they end?
  8. Well, the Forth of July rupee sale ended around two weeks ago, so you probably have a few months before they go away. :p
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  9. ok thanks :)
  10. How long will it last?
  11. Has this ended? I don't see it on the supporter pages anymore :(

    Found it! just do the drop-down arrow and they are in there . Whew!! Got mine yay