Holiday Sales 2015!

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  1. Nice! I might buy of these deals again :D
    (Thinks: this. is. bad.)
    Sorry for caps!
  3. *permanent derelict protection :p
  4. I know... It'll lead to more unfinished reses... slowly.
    Also, Much PTW...
  5. Derelict Protection Vouchers have been available for a long time.

    Also, it's not pay to win at all... mainly because you can't win if you don't play, which is what the vouchers are for.
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  6. *self note*
    (Might make a great punishment in future....)
  7. You've already broken enough. :p
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  8. At least the #ChinBrokeItBigTime message is gone so he doesn't have to feel bad about that :p

    On topic:
    Yay :D
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  9. Wow, my friend get supporter around 2 hours before this :p
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  10. Agreed, like when I had the money.
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  11. The christmas sales are back...Woop!
  12. must resist the perm derelict voucher! :D
  13. Lots of nice deals on for the holiday period! :D
  14. When you look at these deals and see you can get perm derelict for just $80 But have no money
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  15. Thanks for these awesome deals! Might get one of these myself:p
  16. Bloomin eck! I can't even afford a $50 pack! Let alone $200! I have £4.50 left of my birthday money... presents cost too much these days! It's bad enough my birthday's at the end of November.:( Anyways, if I had the cash i'd definitely buy a pack as a dollar in American money is like 80p in England.:p

    Check out my channel! Tomorrow (hopefully, it takes about 3 hours to upload) their will be a new video- me failing to make a Christmas Gingerbread House. Here's the link for my channel for now. I'm sure i'll tell EMC when my new video is published:

    Order in the court!
    #GravityFallsCrazy- Mabell's World Weirdmageddon.

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  17. If anyone spends over $100 please PM me so I can give you a virtual slap right across your face... But yay! For overspending on a game that used to be like $10 WOO!!!!
  18. so when it says voucher, which level voucher is it? 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months?
  19. A Supporter voucher is Always for one month ToxicThunderHoe. :)
    and, YAY :)
  20. Looks to be some truly excellent deals here! I'll have to consider supporting, perhaps... tough to resist such juicy prices. :p