Empire Minecraft News: December 2015

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  1. Congratulations to all of the winners :) Nice to see lots of updated and the senior staff service changes, can't wait for the time capsule too!
  2. Woohoo, won a prize! Thanks :)
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  3. were the prizes mailed out already? I haven't received mine yet :\
  4. According to Krysyy in the first post, they will be mailed this weekend. :)
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  5. Hey, congrats to all you contest winners! Shame I wasn't lucky enough to win the voting contest, but ah, well, maybe next time, right? :) Best of luck to all who participated in the Star Wars contest! I can't wait to see the entries. :D

    Also, I'm a huge fan of the new SS pricings. Well done on that, Krysyy/SS. :)
  6. That is where we added schematica builds in for. You will still be required to provide all materials and prices start from 30,000r per road, with consultation from ItsMeMatheus on any additional fees.
  7. I was out of town visiting with family and attending my cousin's graduation from university. I am sending them out today hopefully.
  8. I'm not sure if we understand each other correctly, but what I was trying to say, is, if we send our own singleplayer world to a senior staff, would they be able to directly copy and paste it from the world, without building it themselves? Of course, all items needed would be put in a chest or /disposed or whatever.
  9. Schematica would be the program utilized in order to achieve that. Prices start at 30,000r and currently only ItsMeMatheus will do this, so it is on his time.

    We cannot copy/paste into the server from an external file. Schematica creates a ghost version of what needs to be put into place and the SS still have to build it.
  10. Ahh, okay. I understand it now. :)

    I won't give Matheus a bad time for that, lol. I'll just build it myself then :)
  11. That's fine :D
  12. So if i make a copy on my res for a edit above and under the road, then it will be a simple 5k? or 5k for above and then 10 for the additional under to make it 15k?
  13. 5k for the first cut/paste. 10k for an additional paste.

    Get everything into one paste and it's cheaper, hence you doing prepwork.
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  14. Is the reason for the changes, due to me?
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  15. No, it is due to a review of staff services and a LOT of surveys coming in asking for a reduction of road edit prices for simple things. When looking at the edits, we deducted that the difference in time for complex vs simple road edits is what really should cause the price difference. It was unfair for something that takes 10 mins to cost the same as something that took multiple hours.

    And since we've never officially allowed Schematica edits, we decided to add that as an official option as well.
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  16. Vote Contest Winners
    I received the data last night and here are the winners of the 2015 Vote Contest, as explained in this thread: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/contest-voting-competition-2015.57415/

    Tier 1: jossytheninja, D4tzMine, WeezerNL, corruptedsmile, and Wanderton
    Tier 2: Insanity42, Apcmagician, and TuckerAmbr
    Tier 3: SkareCBoi and EnragedChicken
    Tier 4: penfoldex
    Prizes will be mailed out this weekend.

    So.... the weekend is over... no prize yet.
  17. Family obligations took precedence and I was unable to take care of it yesterday. Bridesmaid dress apt took a lot longer than anticipated. I am finding/remaking the color code for the items and sending them out later this evening, after work.
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  18. Okay :) Thanks for the quick reply.
  19. I'm working on that thread here shortly. Had some other things come up. Don't worry, there will be an extension if necessary.