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Discussion in 'Empire News' started by JustinGuy, Mar 1, 2012.

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  1. It is time to begin the upgrade to MC 1.2! Over the next two days I will be upgrading the servers one by one.

    Here are are the notes and disclaimers:

    • It takes over two hours of downtime for each server to upgrade because it has to convert all of the world files (gigs and gigs worth).
    • Bukkit (the Minecraft server software) is in a BETA release. It is stable although small bugs will come up, please report them to me (click my name and you can private message).
    • Anyone who finds a bug/glitch and uses it to an unfair advantage (duplicating items) or to circumvent the rules, such as griefing, will be banned with no chance of appeal. The proper thing to do is message me with a report.
    • Vault will be disabled on upgraded servers until they are all upgraded.
    • Lag may be normal for a little bit. We have to re generate all of the live map data.
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  2. Based on popular demand, and to stop getting 298347298374 messages, I have decided to pause the derelict policy. Rest in peace we will not re-activate the policy until a couple days after we get 1.2 out. If you don't know what I am talking about: http://empireminecraft.com/guide/derelict
  3. I am pretty sure this was fixed weeks ago.
  4. Yeah no problem, it was a small fix. I usually don't announce those but just put them here: http://empireminecraft.com/updates
  5. didnt see that srry :(
  6. Its ok :)
  7. btw will the wild be reset when 1,2 comes? if so i have get some stuff from my chests
  8. This has been discussed a few times. We will probably have a huge community vote for this. If the community did decide to do a reset, we would give LOTS of notice, emails, etc. :)
  9. ok thanks i dont want to go online someday and then find out the wild is reset i lost tons of stuff
  10. When the wilderness was reset for 1.0.0 we had months notice to it... I don't think we'll have a problem here. :)
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  11. i came after 1.0.0 before that i played on a friends server for only class mates but he stopped. so i didnt know :p
  12. (random numbers pressed by justin in a rage attack)
    will the derelict count go down to 0 or the days player's have been off are going to be the same as before the pause?
  13. I think that although many posts about updating were posted not many people read the posts and there needs to be more advertising to players about the forums so they can get up to date info. Today alone i met 3 people who had no idea that we had a LARGE forum system.
  14. But they despawn, I lost over 750r Because they despawned. I had a Villager in an area and when I got back it was gone. I had a pig in an area and when I got back a Mooshroom had spawned in it's place when I already had enough, Then 2 Squids were in a tank and when I got back they had disappeared. Could I please have a refund or a replacement of them. You can even check the logs were I had purchased the squids in the wild, I had also purchased the pigs in the wilderness and the villager in the shop. I respectfully request a refund of these items or a replacement. I live at 8538 on Smp4, If you don't want to refund me then could you please just put the animals back where they belong. I will mark out where the mobs were. The Squids were in an aquarium which you will notice in my shop, I have a big area for the pig which has a mooshroom in it which I will be removing soon. And the villager was the store clerk in a confined place at the start of the shop when you just enter. I will mark it with signs just in case.

    Kind Regards

  15. I just like the post to this thread cause it has nice colors ^_^
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  16. JustinGuy Will There Be Ocelots In The Wild. If there is ca we eggify Ocelots Directly. Not Cats
  17. yes there will be ocelots and yes you will be able to turn them into eggs look at /store
  18. I just saw there is another update that came out 1.2.3 I guess thats going to slow it down a bit for the update process. I guess there was a few 1.2 bugs still. :p
  19. Usually these don't slow it down too much. Almost always Mojang has to make a patch release in the first 48 hours.
  20. As soon as we can (safely). Sorry I can't give you an exact estimate.
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