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  1. EMCards

    Hey everyone,
    For this winter I'm starting a new project.
    A lot of people will by now know that I like to draw, but a lesser known fact is that I like to collect playing cards. In order to unite these two interests I would like to design my own card deck.

    But for this I would like some help, I want to make this more than just normal playing cards.
    To make this more unique, I want to fill this deck with as many players from EMC as possible.
    If you want to reserve a spot in the deck, please comment a card in this thread.

    Thanks for helping me make my first deck of cards.

    All cards have been claimed and this project is finished, thank you to everyone who participated.
    Check a list of all finished cards here.
  2. King of Spades!
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  3. This sounds amazing, Queen of Hearts Please!
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  4. Great idea! Queen of Diamonds, please. :D <3
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  5. 9 of spades please!
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  6. What fun.. 3 of Clubs please.
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  7. Ooh! How about 10 of clubs?
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  8. Jack of Spades please! Love this!!!
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  9. 10 of sand... I mean spades.
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  10. jack of diamonds? :D

    (would be weird if i wasnt a diamond lol)
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  11. hmu with the ace of clubs my guy
  12. 9 of Hearts! This is a sweet idea!
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  13. 10 of Diamonds!
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  14. 3 of spades please:)
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  15. 7 of Spades My Dude!!!
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  16. 8 of Diamonds please :D
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  17. Two of clubs please! I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out :)
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  18. The aces look great and what a unique idea! I'll take the jack of clubs.
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  19. King of Diamonds please :)
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  20. 4 Of clubs please and ty
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